Perhaps it's time to stop pinging Sally for every little thing

I'm tempted to double down on the rhetoric, but even I have standards.
I'm afraid you lot will have to carry on for me in this thread.
Chin up.
My conscience is clear, have never bothered/pinged anyone directly connected at FD. Unless they read (unlikely) my forum posts.

Always supposed that some one (or two) at FD would have the job of tracking why the natives are restless and report.

From personal experience it seems that even those who had the best intentions couldn’t prevent a “Titanic” event though they had some indications that concerned.

Hope for the best.
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What Sally does has given a lot of players back some limited amount of faith into FDEV. Someone who listens, someone who answers, no longer being left alone with a game in a bad shape (though slowly getting better). The way this works is great, but I fully agree, this quickly becomes too much for one person alone. What I would suggest is a CM team account that can be pinged, and gets answered by whoever from the team who is on duty or has time for that. The reply would come from the CM team account and we would not know who actually answered. The important thing is to keep this level of communication up, but there's no reason why Sally should bear that alone.
Not that I advocate for pinging staff constantly, but I think this is more of a symptom of a larger issue; that there are not enough active Community Managers for Elite, and that the Issue Tracker is beyond useless.

Sally is basically the only CM that is actually active in the forums (and yes I'm aware that being a CM is more than just lurking on forums). But the issue is everyone's questions are being funneled directly to one person because there is only one person.


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While agreeing with the main point you're making, it really is something Frontier need to address that the issue tracker is so user-hostile, and so prone to losing bug reports by design, that people find pinging a CM to be by far the more effective way of bringing a bug to their attention.

If it turns out that there's too much work for the CMs and whoever monitors the Issue Tracker to handle, given the size and activity of the Elite Dangerous community - and I'm very sure that's true - well, a company with consistent 8-figure annual profits has an obvious way out of that situation.
You don't need to tell me that :) It's why I asked Arf about it in one of the Q&As in December last year, and was told it was high on the list. And then I made this thread in February because it obviously wasn't, which has had no interaction from the CM team. Then there was an update on the future of it coming a couple of months ago, then it didn't happen, and the last time a question about it got acknowledged by Arf on stream it was, we're looking into it.

Obviously it's part of a wider issue, but as I've said before there's far more things to do than just the forums, and yes I know Elite has a sizeable CM team, but the scope and coverage of the game is huge. This is the highest level of interaction here there has ever been by a member of the CM team, by a long way. And, well, to not be too blunt about it, I know what you lot are like ;) Just a hope that it might make some people think before hitting send.

There is more than one CM
Yet it seems they take turns answering questions. I'm imaging their project meetings: "ok time to pick the person to be dog-piled this month, everyone pull a straw out the hat..." ;)

So here's an easy solution:

  • FDev make an official forum generic CM account, eg: "Frontier Community Managers"
  • they share the login password amongst themselves
  • all questions go to this shared pool of PMs
  • each can then login as/when they have time
  • can respond and just bung in their own sig/signoff
Stops dog-piling any individual; no need for us to remember who is the active CM(s) or whos left the company; easier to track queries their end.
Sally is a wonderful human being, and someone who tries very hard to be understanding and engaging. However she also feels a personal burden to respond to those who message her, even if it might be to the detriment of herself.

When Sally first started responding on the forums to posts with regularity it was only supposed to be a once a week thing, as the team were going to share the days around. But because Sally is very personable more and more people just started pinging her directly all hours of the day/night and over the weekend too. Responding to hundreds of comments a day is not her main job and people now have the opinion that she will respond and some get annoyed when it doesn't happen quickly enough for them, this can easily result in other areas suffering or the work carrying over into personal time.

Sally's signature isn't an exaggeration. So I'd just ask you have a bit more restraint and stop pinging Sally for everything thinking she's going to solve all your issues, because she will want to try, and that is putting undue pressure on her. Sally has shown great kindness to us here, let's repay it.
Maybe it's because they know that Sally will reply as best she can, whereas if you contact anyone else ......

I appreciate that some of the connections are probably vexatious, but I believe there is a CM team of 4, so perhaps others could .... help out?
Yet it seems they take turns answering questions.

They really don't - check out the number of posts the CMs have made the last couple of months and the sort of posts they are. Sally responds to more in a day than the others do combined in the whole month.

We shouldn't be bugging Sally though - there needs to be a better way of highlighting issues to FDev and for them to indicate the state of play on them.

If only we had a "fit-for-purpose" Issue Tracker for these things :unsure:
There are other communication platforms besides the forum. So no, let's not give anyone a hard time.
It doesn't matter how many platforms you use, if no-one responds to them (apart from Sally). Poor Sally didn't realise that Frontier's standard response, we'll increase the level of communication, is normally a pretty empty promise.

Things looked pretty normal, the weekly news steam would now only happen every other week, but Sally actually took what Frontier were saying seriously. It's not surprising that everyone with a query rushed to not look a gift horse in the mouth.

So perhaps if the rest of the team were a little more Sally and a little less we're going to improve communications by cutting the number of news streams, the ED galaxy would be a less stressful place?
We were told that, in a 'new' & better communication effort, there would be a CM assigned to forum etc. each working day...
It was like that for a week or two - then Sally happened.

Sadly, the remainder of the team, when they do make an appearance here come across sounding as if they are forced to be here.
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