Persecution Of The Masses. (Video)


The Music used is "Black Mass" A remix of "Persecution Of The Masses" from the movie 'Shin Godzilla' by the channel SuperTohoRemix

Lyrics (yes it is actually in English)

"Persecution of the Masses"
"Sacred blessings count for nothing"
"Oh god give us your protection"
"Let no blame lie at the innocents who have prayed"
"If your high praise is all we have"
"Let us not be without you"

Link to the SuperTohoRemix Channel for more monster themed mashups

Link to the song used

Also massive thanks to CMDR (Captain) Skoomer whose previous Elite Fabulous series provided a lot of great footage for me to play with for this video. And I mean a lot. Basically over half the video is his footage recut to match the music. Would not have been possible without his resources. So if you like this at all go like his stuff as well or instead.

Link to Captain Skoomer's channel

Links to his videos that I used for footage

And of course everyone knows Obsidian Ant.
A small bit of his footage was also used since I did not have a shot of the Thargoid Star Map myself. Much less one as beautiful.

As for the rest of the footage it was shot by myself and I am sure you can tell when if you decide to pick through it.

I had a lot of fun making this though. The soundtrack actually never got old no matter how many hundreds of times it must have been replayed. Between editing it and re watching the actual Shin Godzilla movie...Just such a solid piece of music including in its original form.

Movie OST

If you have not watched Shin Godzilla y'all should get on that. Its not screwing around like that American Biowaste that was put out by Legendary pictures. I can promise you some form of Godzilla in the first 5 minutes and mass panic and destruction by the 15 minute mark and a damn fine better beam scene (one of many) than we got from Hollywood...
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