Petition to rename a station in the ZHI system to "zero station" to honor Psyche's fallen comrade.

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I'm not entirely sure how these things work but I figured this would be a good place to start. I don't know what the process would be to have a station renamed in someones honor but this is what I would like to accomplish for one of my favorite Elite: Dangerous twitch streamers, Mrs Psyche.

For those of you who don't know Psyche, she's a twitch variety streamer / content creator who's been streaming elite since the early days of the game. She's an amazing person who's always smiling, positive and happy to help any and every person who asks, Game related or otherwise. She's also the leader of the in game squadron "Boop Brigade" which is a laid back squadron with a mix of Hardcore players, weekend casuals and everything in between.

For a little under a year now, Psyche has also Been a Momma to two little fur babies, Crash and Zero (named after Crash override and Zero Cool from the movie "Hackers.") For those of us who watch Psyche on twitch and follow her on the socials, Crash and Zero are no strangers. From the random cat bum cameos on stream to the frequent photos of their shenanigans on instagram. Many of us have watched this Duo grow up. They are a part of the community that we've all come to love and adore.

Just a few weeks ago, Zero fell ill. they took him to the vet, he got better and then worse and then better again, back and fourth to the vet until just yesterday when he suddenly passed... I don't know the exact details of his illness, but I do know that Psyche did everything within her power to provide Zero with the best care that she possibly could. I know she is absolutely devastated and I can't begin to imagine what her and T are going through right now.

Which leads me to why I've created this post. zhi is the home system of our squadron, The Boop Brigade. There are 3 outposts and one Planetary base. Today I had a thought that it would be a great way to Honor Zero's memory by renaming one of the stations in this system after our fallen fur friend. I know it's a long shot but I thought it would be worth a try to ask how we might be able to get something like this accomplished. I know it would mean a lot to Psyche and I wanted to at least try to do something meaningful for someone who's actually helped me thru a few rough times (whether she knows it or not.)


The Elite galaxy is, regardless of the fluctuations provided by the BGS, quite a static set. And most of all, apart from what the BGS and CGs (community ganks, I mean, GOALS) allow, we can't really have much effect in it. I support pretty much any (barring anything insulting, harming or otherwise antisocial) say-so and effect the community can possibly have. Especially, when it has a moving backstory. Having lost my own father to cancer, I was literally moved to tears by the tribute to Dove Enigma.
Definitely throwing my hand up in the air to support this. Psyche is just a wonderful person and a great supporter of the community. This tribute would be such a nice touch.
I second that. Frontier knows Psyche well enough to let her stream from the Expo, and also featured her not so long ago.
And while I'm sure fallen Commanders get their honours when there is a request, I'm not so sure that also extends to Commanders' pets. However, "Zero Station" is a pretty darn cool name (or "Station Zero" ? sounds a tad better, imho), and it would be a nice touch for someone who did a LOT for the community.
If it was a person that Died and played Elite I would 100% agree with you.

But they are pets. Because everyone would be using it as a workaround to name a station or planet and posting a picture of a family or friend pet yet not their own. I have 2 Lizards, 6 cats. Should I be able to name 8 Station or planets after so-called pet names?

Here a better idea. We have multiple ships. Name your ship with your pet name to honour them. Or if the user post on the forums Use the Pet as an avatar.
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While part of Psyche's community and partial for many reasons it would actually add to my immersion as a player. It would give me an incentive to join a squadron, name a system as my home and mean it. I support this! <3

Paige Harvey

Community Manager
Hello Psyche, T, and everyone else here,

First off, we are so sorry to hear of Zero's passing, pets are family too. Many of our team knew what Psyche and T were going through and we were all praying for Zero's speedy recovery. However, he has returned to stardust and we know that they'll see him everytime they look up at the night sky.

Over the last few years, we’ve been honoured to help Commanders memorialise their loved and lost ones across the Elite Dangerous galaxy.

However, as we continue work on Elite Dangerous our team structure has changed and we can no longer dedicate the desired amount of resources to support these monuments in a way that does them justice, and we wouldn't want to let you down. This means that, regretfully, we will not be able to implement player memorials for the foreseeable future.

We understand that this may come as a disappointment, however if the situation is to change in the future, we will absolutely be sure to let the community know.

We hope you understand, and once again we're so sorry to hear of Zero's passing.
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