Engineers Pharmaceutical Isolators

Where the hell do you find these? There is 0 information about them and they are not in systems that you would think they would be in... (High tech, Medicine selling systems, systems in outbreak status).
I am drawing a blank right now. And really want these for the grade 4 and 5 power plant upgrades.
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The only place I've seen them is as a mission reward, but only very rarely.
Guess I better keep an eye out for them too now, as I'm looking to do power plant later...
Found them in "encoded emissions" USS in outbreak system. They have "produced during outbreak" in their description.
I think it works absolutely the same for all this tier 5 components, only required system state is different.
Just go to system with required state, fly away from star so that you are in deep space and wait for USS, ignore everything other then encoded emissions. Got 6 of them in ~15 minutes or so...
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Yes. The trick is with many of these 'signal source' only items they come from the 'embedded emissions'... The trick is that embedded emissions only spawn over 500ls away from primary star (I believe its 500) - regardless there is a minimum distance... Believe me I was in that system for hours and hours and tried every signal source including pirating and killing innocent medical transports. Gotta go away from star far enough for them to spawn. Best of luck
Any good Outbreak systems near Shinrata Dhezra?

Never mind, just found the star map option ;)
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After configuring my galaxy map filter for outbreak and having to travel a few hundred lightyears to one of the only if not the only outbreak system in the bubble, I was able to spend a couple hours grinding USS' going after the encoded ones, only to be repayed with 0 pharmaceutical isolators. Not being able to get what is required for upgrades is a huge killer to my motivation for playing this game so I'll probably end up doing something else until FD decides to improve this tedious material system that is anything but fun.
What system was it?

I have my filters set but I can't find it on the map.

edit: I can confirm they're offered as mission rewards. so yeah, do the open/solo/private group switch until you get a mission for them.
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What system was it?

I have my filters set but I can't find it on the map.

edit: I can confirm they're offered as mission rewards. so yeah, do the open/solo/private group switch until you get a mission for them.
The only outbreak system I could find at this time was Wat Yu.
hmmm, i went and checked, looks like we might have just missed the party. the controlling faction isn't in an outbreak anymore, just the small ones, which may or may not be the reason why we aren't finding any.

Blue Travel dudes, state is none, but recovering from outbreak, iirc. is there any way we can screw them over and make sure they fall back into an outbreak? our power plants need upgradin'
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Yeah I don't know about this. I've got about 3-4 hours over the only 3 outbreak systems I could find and haven't found a single one yet. Lots of encoded signals with nothing valuable, but I haven't seen any called "embedded" yet.
Found these as missions rewards a few times. Makes me wonder if I should start taking notes also of the most common rewards per visited station.
Just got another as a mission reward. 2 total today.

Yeah, unless there's a system that's infested with diseases, just hop between bulletin boards. they're not super common, but it works and you'll get them.
I've been to 5 outbreak sectors now, searched deep space, shipping lanes, ~6 hours investment total. ZERO pharma isolators.
Same here, I need some of these for some grade 4 dirty thrusters. I dont think I've seen them as a mission reward either, there must be certain systems that give them surely?
Well, missions do not seem to be tied to system state, they are just extremely rare. Got one in laksak recently, and there is no outbreak there.
Those which i found in encoded emissions USS were in "hill pa hsi" system during outbreak:
It did not take too long, but i assume i just got lucky...
Thanks, I'm going to head over to Laksak and see if I get lucky!

Edit : Wasn't so lucky ha ha.
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Today I tried the Outbreak System Kambila . The first encoded got me 3 Pharma Isolators ... the next encoded I got interdicted right before jumping in .... the third I got interdicted before jumping in .... the fourth got me normal mats .... the fith guess what I got interdicted but won the mini game finally and got 2 more Pharma Isolators.

All encode were between 300 LS and 450 LS around the main star in deep space. I basically circled above the planet lanes. So this 500 ls rumor is just that a rumor ...

I don'tknow what this interdiction stuff was about as I flew without any cargo ... but 3 out of 5 seems like a pattern ... only thing you can do is win the mini game ... 2 times it was like an eagle and an imperial courier so no chance ...

I was in there for about 35 minutes
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