Phase 4 Feedback Thread


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Greetings Commanders,

This thread is for posting your Phase 4 gameplay and design related Odyssey feedback.

Please keep each post brief and to the point, stating your observation/suggestion. This will allow us to easily collect and pass along all the feedback.

Avoid replying to other posts. This is not a discussion thread. If you would like to discuss Odyssey features/content please create a new thread. Moderation actions will be taken on posts that ignore this rule.

This post is not for bug reports. Please report those via the Issue Tracker.

First thing i notice, my t9 is BIG
Second thing, my commanders arx bought flight suit is unavailable
3d thing is as mentioned above my entire 26 ship fleet was on my fc so unavailable :-(

Edit: will buying a new FC in the alpha (assuming that is possible) make it harder/impossible to solve the above fleet issue?
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Has the bubble not been extended for this alpha. My commander was out at one of the Hip Thargoid worlds when snapshot was taken but is now back in Nervi?
System Map

Please recombine the "Description" and "Planetary Information" tabs so we can see all relevant planetary information on one page, like we can in the base game right now. Currently in Odyssey, when selecting a planet on the system map, important information that is available on a single page in Horizons is instead divided between the "Description" and "Planetary Information" tabs.

Galaxy Map

Please don't make the "System Information" button disappear when System Info isn't available/known to the Commander; just gray it out. The current system is confusing, because it results in buttons moving around which makes it harder to remember which symbol means what, and messes with muscle memory.
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On first launch, my ship was a few km in the air, but it still let me disembark (deployed on top of the ship).

Also (a general point) can it be made easier to jump/use jump-jets when on a steep slope? If stuck in a crater it won't let you boost up unless you're on almost level ground, so easy to get stuck.
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