Phase 4 Feedback Thread

I know there will always be the grind for materials to engineer, maybe make it a little less of an abysmal grind to just upgrade. When you requires hundreds of components or ships, it makes sense because they are absolutely massive, but for weapons and ships they are normal items and sized. If anything, just make the mats a little more available and pay more in missions. A secondary is for the manufacturing instructions. If the settlement alarms go off, it disappears from the settlement which just makes it hard to collect even more so than it already is. If they would remain even after the alarms it makes it a little easier to gather, but not to the point of just breaking the game.
Salvage missions really needs a look at. I love doing them, when they work, but not only is there the problem of satellites that can't be opened, but I also encountered crashed ships where the part or the container are partially under-ground and you don't have a shovel to get to it. It's annoying not to be able to finish a mission because of this, and you're forced to give up the mission. If the container has the mission part, make sure it's always accessible, please!?
Alongside reducing the TTK in combat, it may add a bit more depth to remove enemies shield/health bars - there's visual cues when shields drop anyways. It may add a bit more sense of realism and unknowns to combat.
I really think that the fps still needs some serious work. The inability for us to kill an opponent with a single rifle mag (energy or kinetic) doesn't make any sense. Yes, energy weapons should be more effective against shields, and kinetic against raw health, but right now, each of those do next to no damage to their counterparts. I get that the combat is balanced towards certain weapons being more advantageous for certain situations, however the fact that I have to empty at least one full magazine in the Aphelion to drop shields, and then immediately switch to a kinetic weapon and unload a full second mag to kill a relatively low level soldier is insane. And if there's any mis-timing, delay, or I have to reload, they instantly get a chunk of their shield back, and I have to start the entire process over, and over, and over, and over. Frustrating to say the least.

I know balance passes are still on-going, but this disparity in effectiveness against shields. vs armor is way too extreme. Please bring these both more towards the middle, so if I land every shot, I should be able to kill a lower level soldier with one weapon, with less than a single mag. This would still allow high level enemies to be much more difficult to defeat, and necessitate engineered weapons for swarms of high level soldiers, but would still not require constantly switching weapons to kill a single opponent. Name ANY fps game that requires this constant weapon switching in order to defeat a single on-foot enemy??

Additionally, we need the ability to carry more ammo. Having random infinite ammo crates scattered around the outposts is fine for a CZ, due to the sheer number of waves of troops, but for any other mission, it feels really out of place to have to be picking up ammo infinitely from those locations. Either remove them completely from non-CZ missions, or more realistically, significantly decrease the number present (maybe one or two in the whole base inside the CMD center or a warehouse). Having them laying completely in the open seems like a very un-immersive solution to a problem that is easily fixed. Or at the very least, allow us to spend some basic mats to generate more ammo (like with our ships and SRV's).
- eg. 1 iron for kinetic, 1 carbon for energy, and 1 phosphorus for plasma. Same rules as ships or SRV's, if you get shot or take damage while re-generating ammo, it resets the short timer, which would force us to find cover before attempting this.

Also, can we please pick up ammo from dead bodies? Even a single magazine would be great - you could integrate this basic looting with the scanner tool mechanic, and possibly include a rare chance to drop a material of some kind. This would further integrate a feeling of cohesion with the various pieces of equipment we're now carrying in our suits, and give us a reason to scan bodies aside from collecting bounties.
when fighhting NPC's in the srv and kill then on a planet, getting out of the srv when they are all dead makes them spring into the air, and also most of them disappear.
when fighhting NPC's in the srv and kill then on a planet, getting out of the srv when they are all dead makes them spring into the air, and also most of them disappear.

sorry double post please delete
HaHa, just found another funny one.
I mistakenly dismissed my ship while trying to board it in my SRV.
I stayed in the same place and recalled it.
It came down hovered for a few seconds and then left again?
not once but always.
There was miles of flatland around me.
I had to move out of that spot and only then would it land at that exact spot and let me board.
Singleminded AI?
I just want to double check that I haven't misunderstood something.

PowerPlay was fully integrated in the patch that was released Thursday the 29th of April, and you'll be shutting down the alpha on Wednesday the 5th of May.

Before anything that is supposed to happen in PowerPlay can actually happen.

Did I understand that correctly? Why did you even bother putting PowerPlay into the alpha when you don't do anything to make it possible to test it?
No way am I teleporting into the main central thruster of my ship! :unsure: o_O :eek:


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I haven't seen this one yet though I have seen comments about it, but with the new terrain generation system, can we get a little more leeway on what counts as suitable terrain to land on please? There's been a couple of times where it looks on the scanner that I should be able to make it work but, no bueno.

Also; the SRV driving changes. I know this has been talked about a lot but I didn't have my usual, very comfortable, bindings set for the SRV in the earlier phases. I am pretty happy with keeping the SRV handling as it is, in fact I'm a big fan of how the SRV handles, but I do also see that the new terrain is only going to cause more pain for those who aren't fans, so I would really like to see the previous handling, which I never got to experience, be available as an option if it does help get people out and about in their SRVs. The new terrain is definitely more challenging, though for those who use the thrust and bounce method it's still perfectly possible to make good speed from A to B.
Doing illegal missions / activities is now mandatory for upgrades
Engineering materials for guns — I hope this just a bug and not an indication of direction, but ever since the disappearance of the "put out fires" missions, it seems to be impossible to get specific 'software' materials like manufacturing instructions without doing illegal activities. They're not even found in mission rewards, unlike weapon schematic which are common rewards.

As it is right now, law abiding players are either supposed to forego even the most basic gun upgrade, or accept a disconnect in playstyle.(I'm law abiding! But not on the ground...) I'm obviously not talking about "just do illegal stuff, and don't get caught = law abiding".
This last phase of the Alpha has given me the opportunity to test my ships, though not all of them because I transferred them to the Nervi system where I was and it wouldn't let me use all of them, just half of them. Even though they all transferred and were in the station warehouse, I couldn't use them. If it helped me check how big they are to the smallest and how good they look with the new light effects and textures. I was also able to acquire and check the operation of a Carrier within the Alpha and I see that it integrates everything very well, because now the menus of the stations are like those of the Carrier that I see that do not change.
Some things that I can think of suggest that might be better or that I currently think are better at Horizons, are:
  • The radar of the ship planets and stars practically do not are visible, I do not know if it is a failure of the Alpha or is that it will be so now, it is better as it is now in Horizons that you see every body on the central radar of the ship. The green and red lights in and out of the station are worse visible or so I thought.
  • On the galaxy map, although the interface is cleaner there are things that work worse than they do now, such as losing information and, in many cases, you have to click more than you have to give now. One feature I see that has been lost is in the filters, now you have to click on each one, when in Horizons you can click and drag to select several. I find the new search system great and being able to mark the route by clicking.
  • On the system map there are two tabs with characteristics of the planets when everything is now attached, it seems to me a step back because information is also lost.
  • The wheel of items when we are on foot is difficult to handle with the mouse, and to get the right item right, it would be preferable if there were keys for direct access to kits, energy cells, etc.
Overall I have really enjoyed all phases of this Alpha, I see that there is a great job behind a great team that is striving to give us a much better game than the one we already have so we have to applaud and thank the effort of all the developers and I am looking forward to the 19th day to enjoy all the content.
When exiting the SRV or ship, your suit takes all the energy cells, medikits, etc that it can carry. Not only is this totally unexpected & quite confusing (i.e. your inventory is not persistent like in the real world), but it's also generally NOT what I want - because I know I will loose everything I am carrying when I die, so I intentionally don't carry a lot (and instead prefer to pick-up spare items after I've left).

It's also confusing that when I enter the social hub, I am no-longer carrying any energy cells, meditkits, etc. My inventory needs to persistent, even if I can't actually use it in the social hub.
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The galaxy map UI is now much more confusing than before.

e.g. Having icons missing entirely (rather than being greyed out) means I can be hunting for them for ages. If I do not have a map of a star system, then I don't get any "enter system map" icon - and also no obvious explanation why, nor any obvious way to buy it. Previously it was very clear, because the icon would appear greyed-out, and there was (usually) an obvious option to purchase star system data (or that would be greyed-out too IIRC).

e.g. It shows too many icons at once, and they aren't clearly arranged/group (with a text label), so it's just a mass of meaningless icons that I have to mouse-over one-by-one to hunt for what I want. Previously they were logically grouped by tabs, and directly under the thing you selected.

And the lack of any text by the icons (unless you hover it) makes it far harder to learn & navigate. There are too many icons to easily learn what they all mean.

To be honest, please just bring the old galaxy map UI back (it may not have been perfect, but it worked well enough).
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Finally got my new system up and running (not really complete yet, but most things and configurations are already working) and so I sat my feet on a planetary surface in Odyssey for the very first time. To my surprise I liked what I see! My only caveat would be the flickering of the surface tiles, as if they would be constantly rearranged. Is it just for me or a common occurrence in the alpha? I'm on a RTX 3070 and everything runs pretty smooth so far, at constant frame rates between 70 and 90 FPS on surfaces (on Ultra).
After activating a Terminal, can you please scrap the ability to look around with the mouse, and instead just add a mouse cursor to the screen - so that I can move around it as I expect (i.e. by mouse like the rest of the UI), and not find my view unintuitively moving instead. It just feels horrible to not be able to control the with the mouse (or it does the wrong thing) - and then inexplicably be able to once you've gone to the Mission Board etc (which looks similar enough to completely throw me every time).
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