Phase one dinosaurs

It's kind of crazy that these dinosaurs can't stay in a formation where they are not phasing through each other because each time I want to take a snapshot it looks so awkward and ugly I just can't take a snapshot even though it's got a beautiful sunset the background so Frontier please I hope you decide to fix this problem because it just looks weird to see two heads pop out of one body? Instead of having them phase through each other why can't they just go around each other instead? It's basically my issue with this game currently I'm just asking for realism because I can't get a decent snapshot without a dinosaur phasing through one another.
It's called clipping. They clip through each other. It's a hard issue to fix. I imagine they can or it won't be happening in the sequel, if there is one. I don't see them doing whole new animations for the Dinosaurs to walk around each other. If anything you would get some kind of jerky animation where they bump into each other and push each other out of the way. In JPOG the dinosaurs would walk into each other and would stay like that until one got out of the way.

Either way people will still complain and whine. The clipping is unrealistic. The way they walk into each other is unrealistic.
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