"Phoenix" (Pioneer Space Sim derivate)

Phoenix 20190320

Mod Music Amiga 2019 (+500MB soundtracker modules in .ogg)
Mod FFE 20190330 (incomplete wip, adds/replaces many systems from FFE, changes factions, replaces the whole shipset with conversions from FFE)

(i nearly forgot how comfortable it is that i can edit my first post whenever i like, even atari-age disabled this because of ppl who deleted their comments ("i never said such") and you have to ask the admin for permission)

Started this thread here in the off topic section even if "Pioneer Space Sim" (you remember?) is a c.... no they don't like to hear that but it is a clone of Elite2 Frontier.

Some might remember me this forum was where it all began, where Geraldine (hail hail) discovered Pioneer and i found a toy where i could stick my head in.

Some might even know that i got quite disappointed with Pioneer like it recently is and started my own derivate of it, a couple of years ago with "Sputnik". It was no fail but i lost all work i've made back then due to a lot of tard, lack of funds, broken machines, brain stroke, aorta dissection.

But i'm back (stronger then ever ;) just like the phoenix )

And i decided to advertise a little for my project "Phoenix" (how Sputnik is named now).
I guess "Phoenix" is the right name for it because i like to keep Pioneer like it was, easier to play with maybe even more fun to play. I'm a sole one and mainly i create models the whole developing stuff exceeds a little my capabilities but one can still learn.

It went to my head as the team decided to remove the scripted geometry, i liked that much and i still like it, it's something far different from creating models with a CAD. It needs 5 times more time, it's enerving, it's clumsy, it's exactly what i like.
(caugh it allows to copy the FE2 ships vector by vector)

But that's not the only thing which annoyed me.
I really like to keep it closer to "FE2" while the devs like to get as far from it as possible

Further i see "Pionner" (Phoenix) as a sort of sandbox, it should teach a little how such a game is made, a player can edit nearly the whole game via LUA scripts. This changed to and the recent scripting system prevents more from what it should force, user created content.

Instead to hack the good old FE2 i found in it the right thing to let my creativity go wild.

"Hey i'm not that new face on the block, i'm an old knittery face here" (but had to create a new account)

OK lets see how Phoenix looks like, it's still far more rudimentary as "Pioneer" is in the recent state.
In other terms it looks and feels like pioneer was almost a decade ago.
I didn't wen't back to the beginning - it wasn't possible the available sources reach only back to the point where we incorporated the new devs, alpha 10 i guess is the oldest available source, i would have liked an older release because of the changes to the AI, it has getting unbeatable and to beat it with a hand selected co-pilot i can't call "to play a game", i let play in such a case.
The chosen release is "Pioneer alpha31" with all it drawbacks due to that this marks the point where the LMR was removed and i was finally pushed out of the team because i couldn't stop from arguing and ranting.
Recently i didn't work on the source even if that is planned, but i have a lot of other things i can waste time with.
models, models, models
and step by step changes to the existing mission modules of pioneer31.

That was the state at beginning of the year, only tidbits have changed since then.
The main difference is that you won't start at Sol or any system that might be commonly known (with exclusions).
You start with a lousy shuttle and nothing else as 100 bucks, no autopilot no nothing, this is the very first "mission" and i didn't had to write a single line of code or mission script, it's already there.
It's not possible to exchange the ship with a better one, the starting ships are priced the same and the same.

Mission no.1
Get warm with the controls and learn to fly a space vessel manually, sort of operating license for "Phoenix".
Choose a interplanetary mission and fulfill the task, it can be hard enough.
Earn money to buy first an autopilot, scanner, finally a better ship with a hypedrive which allows you to leave the system.

Main mission (so to say)
Find back to Sol, that isn't easy already.

Avoid conflicts - you will be burned to ashes mostly, a victory in "Phoenix" (or Pioneer) counts like 100 victories.

Recently there is no source to "Phoenix" respectively the source is Pioneer alpha 31, as soon as a make changes on it i will publish that. The internal name "Phoenix" and the created user directory "phoenix" are a hack to seperate mainly the user directory from "pioneer" else that would conflict.

The content is (should be) lincensing compliant even if i still have to remove this or that tidbit.

The rest i will publish as a "mod" which belongs exactly in this user dir to probably change the whole look of the game.

Such a mod is my "FFE mod" (or ship mod, but it grows again to what it was)

In both clips you only see scripted geometry only the astronavigatrice is an exclusion and i would even have liked to get rid of her.

Recently that also changed a bit and i implemented some wavefront models, buildings, because of performance because you draw many buildings in a city and a small impact sums up to a big one.

I extended the functions of the LMR and it's now a chaos, nah but it's really a lot and a tohouwabohou.

i guess i break at this point and wait for replys, maybe i'm under the wrong topic here, maybe whatever.

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i've heard there are some ppl who are very bored on their trips through space


for this rare case this special shuttle has a cool cola dispenser and a 3200 special edition replica of an arcade cabinet.
The posted ships aren't content of "Phoenix" it's available as "mod" to the game.
The ships i use for "Phoenix" look quite different
(while some will be removed in the near future i guess, because they don't fit to well or would do good in a own mod especially the retro sci-fi ships)

But all have one thing common they are all scripted geometry, for the FE2 ships i "only" copied the content of the game as far as possible, "bezier flats" (single normals direction) i turned into "bezier surfaces" with excption for the "Eagle" which doesn't looks to well if i use a "bezier surface" instead of the flat.

A typical LUA Models Resource model
define_model('ffe_shuttle', {
    info = {
            tags = {'ship'},
            scale = shuttle_scale,
            lod_pixels = shuttle_pixels,
            bounding_radius = shuttle_radius,
            materials = {'matvar','darkgrey','windowblack','text',},
    static = function(lod)
        -- main
        local v0 = v(31,25,-50)/16
        local v1 = mirx(v0)
        local v2 = v(31,25,68)/16
        local v3 = mirx(v2)
        local v4 = v(37,0,-75)/16
        local v5 = mirx(v4)
        local v6 = mirz(v4)
        local v7 = mirx(v6)
        local v8 = v(31,-12,-68)/16
        local v9 = mirx(v8)
        local v10 = mirz(v8)
        local v11 = mirx(v10)
        local v12 = vlerp(.9,v4,v0)+v(-3/16,0,0)
        local v13 = mirx(v12)
        local v14 = vlerp(.4,v4,v0)+v(-3/16,0,0)
        local v15 = mirx(v14)
        local v20 = v(18,-11,-25)/16
        local v22 = v(31,-25,-25)/16
        local v24 = mirz(v20)
        local v26 = mirz(v22)
        local v28 = v(31,-25,-50)/16
        local v30 = mirz(v28)
        local divs = 4*lod
        if lod == 1 then
        if lod > 1 then
            local front = texmapper(v(0,10,0)/16,v(31.6,12.5,12.5)/16,v(0,0,1))
    dynamic = function(lod)
        -- main
        local v0 = v(31,25,-50)/16
        local v1 = mirx(v0)
        local v2 = v(31,25,68)/16
        local v3 = mirx(v2)
        local v4 = v(37,0,-75)/16
        local v5 = mirx(v4)
        local v6 = mirz(v4)
        local v7 = mirx(v6)
        local v8 = v(31,-12,-68)/16
        local v9 = mirx(v8)
        local v10 = mirz(v8)
        local v11 = mirx(v10)
        if lod > 1 then
            local Textures = {}
            for i = 1,12 do
                table.insert(Textures,i,texpath .. 'shuttle/skin' .. i .. '.png')
            local tex = Textures[selector(0,#Textures)]
            local top = texmapper(v(31,0,-50)/16,v(124,37,118)/16,v(0,-1,0))
            local bot = texmapper(v(31,0,-68)/16,v(124,37,136)/16,v(0,-1,0))
            local side = texmapper(v(0,-49,-75)/16,v(74,148,150)/16,v(1,0,0))
            local front = texmapper(v(-36.7,-12,0)/16,v(148,148,150)/16,v(0,0,1))
            local front = texmapper(v(-111,-12,0)/16,v(148,148,150)/16,v(0,0,1))
            if lod > 2 then
                local reg = get_label()
                local shipname = legalname()
                local textscale = autoscaletext(30/16,11,shipname)
A simple Model like this is made with a few lines thanks to the many functions i added to the LMR, the geometry of the body is here like for most FE2/FFE ships in the dynamic section of the model because i can exchange in this way textures without to cause seperate ships in the game for this.

The reason why i started this for an n'th time is that i first like to have a complete set of the FFE shipmodels for Phoenix/Pioneer second i like to use them to quickly fill the missing shipmodels in FFED3D and use the models later as a starting point for higher detailed ones.

Only 20 ships to go ;)
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To the "real stuff"

"Commander Jameson" is in Phoenix thrown in a far off system on the rim of explored space (mostly).
The only thing he has is a lousy Shuttle which can vary from:


over "Express Shuttle"

and "Sightseeing Boat" (an Express Shuttle with an amusement deck)

to "Mining Vessel" (unlike the rest of shuttles a weapon and a scoop can be fitted, recently it didn't makes much sense yet)

What's the idea?
The shuttles have all the same capacity and capabilities, quite weak but ideal to start the game.
They are all priced the same so an exchange won't make sense, you will have to start the game with such a ship or cheat.
Yes with exception of the Lander i do feel they look unreasonable (amusement deck, ts) it's a game.

It will take you quite some time to afford a ship which will bring you out of the system you startet in, it depends on where you start.
Large distances between cities will bring higher profit but take longer and need to be better planned because the shuttles are a bit thirsty caused by their weak thrust.

You will have no autopilot at start which means that you have to complete at least one mission to afford an autopilot.
It will take you at least 20 missions with a profit around 1000 credits to afford a better ship.

The pricing itself is quite unreasonable but won't matter as long as it's balanced (which it isn't yet from my pov for the market itself).

You are in general safe in the home system, it also depend on the mission you signed to, a scout mission can spawn an enemy ship but due to the fact that in Pioneer ships can't overhaul in a magical way even a fighter usually won't have a chance to catch you if the distance you have to travel isn't to far.
If you have an interceptor on your in a scout mission and you are in orbit to the target object best advice is to land rough on the surface of the planet/moon,
in this the AI acts as stupid as in FE2 and usually crashes with the surface, that won't be a score but you won't be persued anymore and with an unarmed shuttle this is the only method to get rid of them if they are close to you.

You also can be happy not to face an enemy at all they are mercyless and will often blast you to pieces before you can see them.
Due to this fact i left the mission scripts like they are and spawn the ships somewhat off the players position else it will be to hard.
I would like this different but the AI is definately to hard, i have a single victory in my scorebook the rest of fights my co-pilot won for me.
And it's not because of the lack of beam weapons, you would be only ten times faster burned to ashes.

You can win an assasination because the targets are often large clumsy ships, but take care a single hit can mean dead shielded or not.

50cm diameter for the sphere, 3m longest extended antenna

The working titlke was once "Sputnik", it's still in the game recently with no purpose but it's planned to give it one.
Prmary simply like the "bulk ships" which lurk around the orbital stations the Sputnik obviuosely should orbit inhabitet planets.
Fine already as deco but i planned to script a maintainance mission for it, scoop it and service it probably even drop it.
The service could be done by crew, i will if such is possible like to fix the hull of the ship.

Another unused ship is this one

I started it many years ago and until it was a hybrid between a ship and an animal, but i removed the ship art and let the animal go free.
I planned to use it similar to the Sputnik as static ship but certainly not as satellite but as animal orbiting gas giants in a low orbit which live by the hydrogene in the atmosphere of gas giants.
It is recently the only alien race i guessed of and the idea is either to hunt or to protect them, sorta space whales ;)

These are the static ships i've planned to interact with, but (caugh) "planned".... in scripting missions i'm by far not as versatile as with the models.
The original content (or what is left of it)

"Ladybird Starfighter"

The "Ladybird" was the original police vessel of Pioneer by Tom Morton.
In it's specs it was close to a Cobra MKII.


The "Sirius Interdictor" was the starting ship in Tom Mortons "Pioneer Space Sim" when we discovered it.
It's not as large anymore as it was but still a large fighter with very good performance.
Tom Morton's ships are to see as examples, each ship shows a specific way how to make models with the LMR.
"Ladybird" and "Interdictor" are examples for the use of "bezier shapes".


This clumsy ship named "Flowerfairy Heavy Trader" is in principles an example how a model can be created using extrusions, while i had to change a lot of that for the textured version. The problem is that i only can project a tecture from an angle, i can't unwrap a geometry and extrusions, cylinders and other primitives i can only texture with a projection from one angle, thus either i have to work around with a diagonal projection or build the geometry different to project the texture from different projection planes.


At last but not at least an example how to animate geometry with the LMR (apart from his landing gear sub-models which aren't used by me).
The "Walrus" has animated wings which flap up whith engaged landing gear. Originally Tom Morton animated the vectors for the wings (like i did that for the alien animal) but i can't do this with a good result for a textured geometry because this will move the geometry on the projection, it works for the "Shyrkay" but it would look for this ship.

These was the original 4 ships we had to start in "Pioneer" in 2010 or so.
And they will stay in "Phoenix".

"Buteo" is the Latin name of the common buzzard and the ship is a sort of a replacement for the FE2 "Eagle". Sure it looks completely different but it has a similar purpose, most probably this will be your first choice after the shuttle because it's soon affordable, it's a good fighter but has low cargo capacity.


Quite similar to the "Toceh" ("real Gecko"), which has slightly more capacity as the "Buteo".


Next larger is the "Draco" which comes close to a Viper in performance and cargo capacity.


Yes it is close to a "Krait" that's why it's named "Cyrapi" (piracy), but it's larger and has a different relation, it's longer as wide.

These are the ships you will aspire to as first and mostly they will also be optimal for the game.
Ships above a "Cobra MKI" class


From it's capacity it's close to a "Constrictor" but has a better performance, it's my chosen police vessel while the police version is specced better.


A revisited Ladybird so to say, not the nicest ship but a good short example script.


A little bit of Star Wars for Phoenix, the "Corsair" is a heavy armed monster, but a monster.


Some might need thicker armouring, this offers the "Badger", therefore it's quite slugggish.
Not a good choice i guess, more mass means foremost you need a lot more fuel.

The "Manta" is the heaviest fighter, it overpowers an "Interdictor", but won't be as agile as the following.
It's the only fighter which has by default a standard drive and which is quite soon affardable to the player, the rest of fighters has a military drive which is added to the cost of the ship.


The top most agile ship in "Phoenix" is still the "Rapier", it's quite expensive due to that it has a military drive fitted.
Two "useless" ships for Phoenix

Not completely useless, this shuttle comes by default with a hyperdrive fitted and has a lot of space for cargo and cabins but no weapon mounting.


Three Lander vessels coupled to one, that's all.
As soon as i extended the Taxi missions to "interplanetary" such cheap ships with a lot of space for passenger cabins can make some sense.


Another static ship (not buy for the player) is the "Galactic Freighter" which is recently the only "bulk ship" for "Phoenix" and needed for the "bulk ships" script.

In General that's it, i added my former wavefront based models to "Phoenix" but i see that i have to remove some from the set and publish them even as mod respectively various mods.

like this one

It's not exactly an X-Wing but it's very very close to and how much i like the ship ever i guess it can't be content of "Phoenix".
Some ships which will become content of "Phoenix"

"s2odan" made some nice spaceships in the early days of "Pioneer" you can still find them in "Phoenix".
So the "Talon Military Interceptor"
Also this high performance fighter comes by default with a military drive and is quite expensive for it's little capacity.


This massive tranporter called "Hammerhead"


and this "enterpriseish" Galactic Explorer (originally named "imperial explorer" by s2odan).
This ship i had to shrink much for "Phoenix" and it's still a little to large.
If in a very rare case someone might be interested in this stuff

The game in its current state:
Phoenix 20190320

500Mb of Extra Music (.ogg files from amiga soundtracker modules, can be used otherwise to, recorded using modplug tracker/player)
"mods" have to be placed in the "username/documents/phoenix/mods" directory to be recognized by the game.
mods will always bypass the content of the game if the file(s) is named the same (have always priority over the games content).
mod amiga modules

The FFE mod in current state:
This mod was a ship model mod only and grows slowly to a "FFE mod" where i reflect the environment of FFE as far as possible.
The standard ships will all be disbled for the FFE ships and you will start either with an "IP Shuttle" or the "Lifter".
The starting systems i also changed for this mod and they aren't as far off as for "Phoenix" itself.
Many systems are copies of what you find in FE2, some close to some quite different to.
It contains the music of FFE revamped by Mike Cook.
FFE mod 20190330

I have some higher detailed FFE ships which i made mainly for FFED3D but i have to fit them first for the use in "Phoenix".
They can be added later to the "FEE mod" and will replace the same named models of the FFE mod.

As soon as i start to work on the source of "pioneer alpha31" i will publish this on "sourceforge".
But as long as i only use the plain "alpha31" and only work on ships and mission scripts i will keep it this way and publish my progress on my one drive and post links to it here and on "Space Sim Central".

A couple of tid bits will have to be removed because of licensing (i.e. some of the adverts will become part of the FFE mod)

I'm aware that i'm far behind and many things i like to keep like the a little outdated looking HUD but i like it in this way and it's far easier to understand as the HUD of the recent Pioneer. Also i like to keep the scripted geometry as far as possible for the game because i think it belongs to "Pioneer" because it's mechanical true.

There are still some bugs in my models as i recognized, sometimes "trade ships" can hang in the dock and if a second ship is docked the anim still doesn't works proper, i will have to fix this. Probably the hanging ships are caused the "trade ships" module itself (not proper fueled/equipped - can't lift off).

There is a further bug in the trade ships module and probably others as well, at least it could happen that "trade ships" or "delivery" module fails and kills the game.

As soon as you have less ships or less station models or changed mission scripts in a modded respectively unmodded game a former savegame can't be loaded.
(of course music will change nothing)

If possible i will implement "anonymous" face generation mod, it's not as complex as the original and i can't use a second race (neither i see a sense for alien races in pioneer), but the rendered faces look far better as the photos.
Perhaps i will even work on this, it could be made better though.

Phoenix isn't as lightweighted as Pioneer, the LMR is a little clumsy, but it runs well on my "dell latitude" notebook which is anything else as a powerful gaming machine.

There is no linux version to it neither a mac release.
But in general it would be possible to use the content of the data directory for an OSX or Linux alpha 31 release.
As far as i know there was no linux release for alpha31 but there should be one for OSX.
It isn't to find in the web but probably it still lurks around on someones HD?

If one could compile a linux "pioneer alpha31" release from this source:

I would know at least one who would appreciate this.
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Gernot! Great to see you back posting here again! :) That's a massive amount of work you did here not only updating the Phoenix build itself but adding all these wonderful ships too! I hope people will try out Phoenix though as these ships deserve to be flown!
It's still great to be here.
Much better as recently on SSC, for sure i like SSC it was my home for a long time but unfortunately the site itself has getting uncomfortable to post.
And personally i guess it's also the reason for less traffic on it as before.
It's nice to have all the text formatting and image tools and to link more as one link/picture in one post.
To have pages instead one long strip of posts.

I know the reason and that's why it is so sad.

Sad to be attacked

Or even worse to be robbed of your work which was a different case but it frustrated me even when it wasn't my work.
I guess i told you once ARTRAG who designed "Deep Zone" for the Inty has been robbed of his work last spring, the dudes don't care so much and share their projects on atari-age and even in their IntyBASIC FB group, someone infiltrated this and stole the program from him and published and sold the game boxed and labelled but didn't mentioned artrag as creator.
The only thing we could to was to blame the thief (but we didn't knew who it was, it was all speculation) and to beg the collectors will not buy this, even when it will have a high value for a collector due to the fact that it's robbed.

the mean thing is he took money for it and didn't mentioned artrag as author, he was quite upraged which is to understand.
It's a labour of love and even if a boxed cartridge costs about $100 they don't make big profit, the costs to produce a cartridge in small series is quite high and they was already happy to find one in HK who still had the machines to make the cartridges.

The IntyBASIC games you can download free as binary, it's really only a collectors item to have it as cartridge and boxed.
Kind nanochess who serves the dudes with intyBASIC sells his very crafty made games for a lousy $10 as binary which i very fair if i look at the quality of his games.

And i feel guilty conscience because i was gifted by "humblejack" so much, he gifted me a cib "Intellivoice" (unused) after i received it i noticed it's broken, he immediately sendet me a second one, also cib. i promised to do something for him probably paint a shirt or a short comic (i promised a shirt but had a different idea then) this i still haven't made.
Sure humblejack isn't a poor fellow, he must have an enormous collection of even "brand new" stuff else he couldn't give it away so freely i guess, but also it seems he had to clean up, the reason i don't know but he started last year a giveaway and claimed that he has to get rid of a lot of collectors items, i guess he's quite old i don't know his age but i assume.

It's dammit a cool toy and i was surprised myself when i uploaded here to the game-music-sound thread a clip of missile domination which i made using the intellivoice. Sure it's very robotic but exactly this is the charm it has and the hardware sounds very different to the emulation, it's to smooth on a modern machine but the vowels aren't so clear pronounced as with the hardware. The only thing which i wish to own is the ECS computer expansion, i always liked to get this and never could buy it back then. this was also the reason for humblejacks gift because i asked him if a offer on e-bay for it was good in price he said "no" and gifted me the intellivoice.

I receive from time to time a message from atari-age but i din't showed up since last summer, a bit mean of me, they are all kind and for sure miss this wacky dude who first mixed up the inty forum before they started to know me better. I dropped in like a bomb, like an invasion from a different galaxy 👾

longest posts writer ever

Spoilers are a reason as well, i use them heavy on atari-age to hide my enormous long posts if they are just a thought i had.

Thanks for like under every post (y)
got already 5 here who readed and liked at least the first post (yippee).


i miss such much
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