Photographers and explorers, we need you

Updated. First post now contains links to the relevant page for the object so that travelers can confirm if they're near it.
A couple of oddities:
http://www.agnairt ta-u
http://www.campbell's hydrogen
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Wizard's Hat Nebula


My addition to the POI:

Burning View

In the reference system first two planets are close-to-the-star binary pair with the first one having rings and a landable moon. This conditions result in some nice views from the latter, and the most lucky pilots can even witness the situation when both of the planets and a star can be seen in the sky.


P.S. I actually cannot make up some unordinary name for the place, so you can suggest your ideas :)
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Sigma Star

I really cannot decide which photos are better. The stars are majestic both separated and overlapping.


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Starfish Nebula


plus a amazing view of the Starfish nebula I named Bird of Paradise.
System: PHROEA GREE NP-C B31-2
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