PHS Recruiting: Join us Fighting The Club in The Pleiades

Active, multi-featured Discord server looking to foster a purpose-driven new PC Squadron: The Pleiades Historical Society.

The goal?
Drive the shadowy organization known as “The Club” out of the Pleiades region, and solve the mystery of Megaship Overlook.

The method? Using all the tools available to shift influence in the systems and drive NPC Club factions out:
  • Trade - especially using advanced techniques with fleet carriers
  • Missions - to boost influence of allies and drain it from our enemies
  • Combat - for bounties and warzones
  • Crime - murder, piracy and smuggling to drain our enemies influence
  • Exploration - to boost the influence of our allies
Since June first, we’ve removed 15 instances of Club Factions in the Pleiades and 27 are left. We’ve built our tools (including the ClubRaiders web app and PHS discord), refined our techniques, and are ready to invite more commanders to the party and shift the project into the next gear.

What happens after we win? Getting the Club out of the Pleiades won’t be easy, but it won’t be impossible either. Some systems are easy to fix, others are tricky, others - like removing Pleiades Resource Enterprise from Maia will be large undertakings that need a lot of commanders. After we’ve succeeded, we may have solved the mystery of the Overlook. In any case, there will still be about 100 instances of Club factions left in the galaxy - and we’ll have a cadre of experienced commanders poised to take the fight to the Bubble.

Want to learn more? All squadrons and commanders interested in Fighting The Club are welcome at our Discord Server.

Want to join the squadron at the ground floor? Search for quadron “Pleiades Historical Society” (“PLOR”) in game and drop in to the Discord.
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