Pilots and the Holy Grail

A group of honorable men, founded in 932 on Sol 3. Still on the search for the Holy Grail.
We don't take the galaxy too serious and sometimes fly Pythons indeed. Beware of the rabbit.

Location: HIP 101846 (Frazetta Ring)
Allegiance: Independent
Type: Anarchy

The Pilots and the Holy Grail are a bunch of independent pilots.

Originally named 'Piloten der Kokosnuss' as the group has been founded last april on the biggest german site related to Elite, elitedangerous.de. The name 'Piloten der Kokosnuss' is a reference to the german title of the movie 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail', which is 'Ritter der Kokosnuss'. A minor faction is a step to go international, hence the change to 'Pilots and the Holy Grail'.

We will have a party to celebrate the minor faction. Gear up your Cobra and salt away a few times the rebuy cost.
More information later, stay tuned. For now my [RL] clan is expecting me.

In the meantime we welcome anyone who is willing to support our young faction! :D

Fly safe and right on,
Cmdr Padme Amidala

Edit: I forgot the links.

Here you'll find some information about the 'Pilots and the Holy Grail'. Mostly german for now, but we'll add english content soon.
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