Guide / Tutorial Pilot's Handbook?

It has now been quite a while since 3.x has been published. I still have not found an appendium nor a revision to the Manual.

As a pilot, I would not fly an aircraft without a detailed review of the aircraft's systems and characteristics.

I have failed finding any Frontier published guides on all the controls and modules in the new patch. Am I just not looking the right places? And no, player made Youtube videos do not a pilot's handbook make.
You are quite correct. It is an absolute disgrace that the manual is still at game version 2.4 - I keep banging-on about this but Frontier have made absolutely no response on the subject.
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It's in the sidewinder. Just look carefully...
Yes but it only comes with the first Sidewinder and so when we lose it; as most of us do. Then it is lost forever, as we don't get another copy, with the ship re-buy. I have checked, it is not on the list.
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My original sidewinder is long gone. Is it simply a graphic or a full blown up to date handbook?
It is just a bit of eye-candy.

I had correspondence with a member of F D staff who tells me that they also can't get any information about the manual being looked-at. It is a blinkin' disgrace.
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This just in about the Boeing 737 MAX:

The captain of a flight in November 2018 called part of the aircraft’s flight manual “inadequate and almost criminally insufficient.​

So Frontier is in good company after all.
worst guide / tutorial eva

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Yes, it is indeed sad that the manual is still on version 2.4. At this point, removing the manual would be better than just simply ignoring it.
Perhaps it's just me and I hope I am mistaken, but it sure looks like little by little, day by day, Frontier is getting sloppy / lazy / does not pay attention to detail(s).
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