Guide / Tutorial Pilot's Handbook?

It has now been quite a while since 3.x has been published. I still have not found an appendium nor a revision to the Manual.

As a pilot, I would not fly an aircraft without a detailed review of the aircraft's systems and characteristics.

I have failed finding any Frontier published guides on all the controls and modules in the new patch. Am I just not looking the right places? And no, player made Youtube videos do not a pilot's handbook make.
It's in the sidewinder. Just look carefully...
Yes but it only comes with the first Sidewinder and so when we lose it; as most of us do. Then it is lost forever, as we don't get another copy, with the ship re-buy. I have checked, it is not on the list.
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This just in about the Boeing 737 MAX:

The captain of a flight in November 2018 called part of the aircraft’s flight manual “inadequate and almost criminally insufficient.​

So Frontier is in good company after all.
worst guide / tutorial eva

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Yes, it is indeed sad that the manual is still on version 2.4. At this point, removing the manual would be better than just simply ignoring it.
Perhaps it's just me and I hope I am mistaken, but it sure looks like little by little, day by day, Frontier is getting sloppy / lazy / does not pay attention to detail(s).
What about the in-game selection within the Ship Panel (RHS) as part of the CODEX?

I've not looked at this but have seen it and wonder if it isn't an updated replacement of the 2.4 Manual.

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This is the second game I have (and I am sure there are more, btw.) where no manual exists, except something in game. This is an awful trend in the gaming industry, and we players/customers let them get away with it.
Editing and printing costs money, and it is just not done to save money. Even editing and making a PDF from it for download seems to expensive nowadays.

I absolutely hate game manuals which are 'integrated' into the game. The second game I have where they did this (despite protests of many customers) is Age of Wonders 3. You have to start the entire game including an expensive graphic engine just to read the manual. The argued that it is 'impossible to keep the manual up to date with patches and DLC, so they integrate it with the game'. The game does have a lot of fans and therefore they got away with this.

It is just the same with ED. And game journalists are guilty too, they should talk about such things, but they accept it.

I am grateful for the myriads of external programs and web sites, but in the long run I think it is rather damaging for ED, since more and more of the games content description is now in external hands. Several years ago things like EDDB or EDSM would have been called 'spoiler' web sites, and posts for things like the Guardian sites or Davs Hope and countless other in game features would have been called 'spoilers'. Now ED (and probably other games) depend on these things, because the games content is unorganized, buggy, and half done and the game would just not be playable without these external helpers.

Imagine what would happen to ED when all the external web sites would cease to function, would be switched off. This is not under control of the game makers, and the game would become practically unplayable in a moment. A game designer should not accept this. Is Frontier a game designer?
This was precisely what happened when the 3rd party developers made a stand two years ago - everything was disabled until Frontier took notice.
Thank you - this is a piece of history which was new to me.
If a 'brute force' action like this is necessary to make them listen and answer, it shows a remarkable dense PR/development team, which obviously think they can belittle and ignore every complaint, and sit problems out...
They seem to react (often poorly) only to 'fecal matter storms'...
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