Pilots of the galaxy, Hutton has a mission for you - Operation HOT MIST.

I have had fun providing my relatively limited (less than 10% of the top maniacs) contribution, and I would like to thank all those who contributed even less for their efforts in getting me so far up the leaderboard.

In all seriousness congratulations and well done to all.
But I still think we are all mad.
I was kind of waiting until it was done (as opposed to very VERY nearly done) to set off the party poppers. What's the deal with the 3 lockdown stations? Are they likely to come out of lockdown in the near future?
As of 9pm last night - Entarius Fusion has confirmed that the HOT-MESS (by the HOT-MIST team) is now complete! Every station done.....
(barring any that are undiscovered, but as they've had no human contact EVER from the Pilots' Federation, it's likely that MODS hasn't reared its ugly head.

Great job, all!
I'll post something on my Best of forum thread in a while but can I just say, when this first started I can't recall exactly what my comment was (probably the general Melchet quote about an unwillingness to stare facts in the face ... merrrrr) but the gist of it was that I honestly didn't think this was actually possible ... or at least ... that it would take years). I really must remind myself NEVER to question the Truckers. When they set their minds to something, whether it be cycling up a volcano, showing a global pandemic who's boss and making ECM happen anyway or dong something utterly ludicrous like delivering the single hardest item to obtain in the galaxy ... to every station in the galaxy, they are a shining example of what can be achieved with resolve, determination and good humour.

BRAVO one and all! An extraordinary achievement!
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1. Put the mugs into production
2. Fought the Don (multiple times)
3. Flew 250 ships across pirate infested space to deliver rares - multiple times
4. Droped 1/4 million tonnes of biowaste from the skies over a planetary base of another player faction for a giggle (and videoed it)
5. Flew around the galaxy in 80 waypoints, one even doing it in a sidewinder (and claiming the highest odometer reading in a sidewinder ever)
6. Spent 12 hours racing across a planet surface in OPEN and whilst under fire
7. Took the first Trade gold in squadrons, despite having started at the last minute ;-)
8. Fixed 8 and a bit stations in 10 days from thargoid incursions
9. Delivered a mug to every station in the galaxy with a commodity market in 3 months
10. Collected and delivered one of every rare in ALPHABETICAL ORDER to Hutton Orbital. In an asp. Even the illegal ones.
11. All this whilst managing a set of systems with loads of traffic right next to Sol
12. Evacuated an entire station that's under attack in a gnat's left whisker over 24 hours
13. Hold the record for the fastest single mission evacuation of a station using a spiEagle and a single passenger cabin (88 seconds from mission accept to mission complete at the waiting evacuation ship)
Mad as a box of frogs? You bet...

nearly forgot - also took all 10 top slots in a CG ;-)
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This 👆 would need a picture of Flossy's T-shirt.
Which one? This one?
That was a lot of silly fun (but not entirely so), Truckers. 🚛
Thanks for making it a completely open-participation mission. I visited a lot of systems in the bubble (albeit briefly) and collected a lot of carto-data in the process. Selling the Mugs and the Gin wasn't unprofitable, either. I wonder: who got the highest sell-price for the Mega Gin?
I have all my data in logs that I keep.

Happy travels trucking! 🚀
Congratulations on the successful conclusion to this event which was way faster than I expected and a lot of fun so thank you for letting us mere pilots join in.

I do hope the infection doesn’t show up again when the new mobile markets appear as they could make a sequel difficult from an accounting perspective.
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