Pin System to Navigation (Left) Panel System List

I find I visit a couple of systems regularly so it would be really handy if I could pick a system or two from the Galaxy Map & 'pin' them to the Systems list on the Navigation Panel, clicking on them generates the route from where ever I am.

Sadly it appears that route plotting requires the galaxy or system map to be open (at least that was stated some time back for similar suggestions) :(

There's been a slew of requests like this, I'm partial to at least some kind of access to bookmarks from the nav panel, if those opened the proper map it'd be a win already.
I would kill for the ability to pin favorite systems - even if only limited to two or three - where I didn't have to open the galaxy map to plot a route to them. I don't know if this has to do with how the route-plotter works...or if FD just wants the immersion of opening your map / memorizing routes.

I will say that I memorize routes for my by my own admission, this is more of a Quality of Life request than a needed feature. I'm all for QoL mind you.
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