So with the new update out and things beginning to settle down, a few things become apparent: earning credits and materials for better and badder ships is the big focus (besides fun of course), the new crime and punishment system makes a bit more sense (for those who can sift through the changes), and Piracy is a solidly Unrewarding experience for the risk taken for those inclined to follow that path, at least in regards to earning credits and the like.
So what is to be done about this?
As I've seen in a few other threads, a few (or many) changes could/should be made to better streamline and reward those who prefer to tread the rogue's path, and I would like to propose a few of my own.
Firstly, and I believe this has been stated in other threads, the rewards for stealing and selling illicit goods is underwhelming at best following the standard mechanics of other commodities (so far as I can tell), but with the addition of the "Notoriety" system for the ne'er-do-wells out there, I believe a solution is simple.
Firstly we should consider the Illicit goods themselves; they may vary system to system for how Illegal they are but assembling them to soft "Ranks" could help for those seeking at a glance (most likely per system of course).
Have them placed in a 3 tier "Heat system" for how unwanted they may be in a system (1-small fines, 2-large fines, 3-bounties for example).
Next would be another system set by how the bad-goods were acquired be it with quiet cargo swiping or flat out murder, determining just how "Hot" an item is could add some spice to the risk-rewards.
I suggest a 4-5 tier system ranked by just how an Item was acquired; for example simply buying a commodity in a system where it's legal to bringing it to one where it's not would probably be rank 1, Illegal salvage might fetch you a rank 2, outright stealing from another ship would likely be a rank 3, and murder/mega-ship theft would quite likely net you a hefty rank 4/5.
All these ranks and such determine just how "Hot" an item is and just what sort of trouble you'd be in if you were caught with it. So "Why," you might be asking, "should I be hauling stuff that might burn me out and get me shot?" Simple really, the Hotter an Item, the more valuable it is. Perhaps it can be done by the percentage based on tier or some other such method, but this is the basic principle by which my suggestion functions.
Oh, and maybe Notoriety adds to it, like the more notorious you are, the more the buyer doesn't want to short-hand you. Again, more risk, more rewards.
Who knows, maybe these changes could be carried over to bounty-hunting with more and more notorious enemy ships (Player or NPC) for greater and greater rewards or something.
Tell me what you think... or don't. I'm not the boss of you.
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