Parks Planco Birthday Park!

9 days to go now! Here's your sneak peek of the day. More than a hundred blueprints were used for this park and there's a bunch of new creations in there too!

This park is a really great idea.
It will please Frontier and I think the community of players will recognize you as me for having this great idea.
Congratulations and thank you guys.
I can not wait to see more.
6 more days till Planco's birthday! Take a sneek peek at the western area where you can take a shot in an interactive quick draw ride :D.


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Very nice looking park! Not long to go now until Planet Coaster's 3rd anniversary! :D
Hello people!

Just one day to Park Release!

I would like to show you a little tease of the Vintage Area, which I created using wonderful blueprints from great creators like FishermanRTC, Anigmandra, PixelWess89 and many more.

Tomorrow in Workshop!

it's aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!

Happy Birthday PanCo! Thank you Frontier for creating the most awesome game ever, thank you all from the community for your amazing creations and those dazzling videos that made us all go "WOOOOW!" all the time. People, this was my most played game in 3 years! Tell us how long you spend on this game in the last 3 years. For me it was 2575 hours!

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