Completed PlanCo Book Collection

Man - I really need to figure this making scenery thing out. I have soooo many ideas and just can't grasp how to do this without my brain frying. I'm making more of a mental deal out of it than I need to, but I can't get past it.


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These look great! What's your plan for them? Making a library?
Planco Library.. could be an interesting idea :D
No, my plan is to make a couple of sets to make realistic shops. I started out with the panelset to make "realistic" looking shop interiors. But most important, shops need shopitems to sell :D

There is already quite a lot of awesome stuff in the TMT section of the workshop but i thought i could do some items myself as well like these books and the puzzles i did a while ago.
Next up will be shelving and table's and stuff. One of those items is already visible in the picture above.

Long story short, realistic looking shops is my goal :D
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