Planet Coaster 2 Game Trailer Ideas

Hi guys! As many of you, I’ve been dying to know any planco 2 news (which sadly hasn’t even been confirmed yet). I know that we have many posts on this forum on suggestions of features and wishes to second game, but I haven’t seen any on how they should be portrayed on an eventual game trailer. So, I ask: if you were to write a Planco 2 game trailer script, how it would be?

Here’s mine: (is long, I know, but I promise it's worth reading)

A flying camera goes through a city and a gate. It’s an urban park, with some space limitations. Now, we have to build our theme parks always checking the space limitations, but we can buy territorial expansions. The park is full of guests, theming and color. The camera then arrives at a limited unoccupied space in the park.
A new tool introduces the new construction system. It’s like the Planet Zoo enclosure building. But, instead of fences, it’s also used t build walls, and has a feature to choose to put on ceiling at different heights. Walls now can be built in diagonal and curved angles. The construction has a concrete, unfinished look. Another tool takes place, it’s a paint tool, used to add color and texture to these walls. Inside the construction, it’s completely dark, indicating that is that could be used to build dark rides.
A menu pops up and has different kinds of windows and doors. As they are put on the construction, it starts to get lighter. They open holes on the walls and let the natural lighting in. A mouse cursor then pulls the corners of the doors and windows and they get bigger and smaller. They are procedural!
Now, inside the building, a new flooring system is shown. You can add flooring piece-by-piece, and the grids follow all the walls grids, a similar tool as the one used by Cities: Skylines. Also, that flooring can be used on different stages, and escalators, stairs and panoramic elevators are added.
The room starts to get decorations and shopping shells. It’s a completely customized souvenir shop, and it’s packed with merch.
Suddenly, it starts raining, and a great amount of guests enter the shop as they are trying to not get wet. As they start buying products, coin sound fx increase. On one wall of the shop, there’s a poster of a mascot, could be someone we know, like Gulpee. As the camera dives in, we start to see a new tool, creation of character (or mascot).
Now, we have plenty of choices to create our own mascots, and they have multiple looks (“human”, “animals”, “ets”, “superheroes”, etc) and aesthetics (realistic, cartoonish, videogamish, etc). As a new character is built, we now get to see some data about it such as their popularity among different aging groups and traits. Yes, now we also have to manage our mascots popularity.
After, we now get to see our recently created caracter being used in different scenarios, such as entertainer costume, animatronics, merch, statues in different sizes. And, by the end, we now see our new caracter being portrayed by an actor on a parade car. We get to see the new parade system, with a huge audience, special effects, fireworks, music.
As the car approximates the camera, it moves to the underground. We now see the backstage of the park. Management, research, training, they all have their own space, just like Planet zoo, and they better be hidden as well. Walking on the corridors, we get to see our new employe types: actors and operators. Actors work as entertainers and on parades, and operators work on operating rides and lines.
The camera moves to another part of the park. It’s a simulator ride, inside a dark building. In my head, it has a Soarin / Flight of Passage kind of look. As the camera dollys away, we get to see that, now, we can add multiple lines, and they can converge and diverge. We have tools to manage the crowds on the lines - and, if we have enough operators, multiple lines can make the ride’s line go faster.
Also, we get to see new inline attractions, such as walking rooms, rotating platforms, etc. A similar looking filter to the ones available in planet zoo shows that people in line tend to get a better mood if they are entertained while waiting to get to the ride.
A new camera movement shows a big lake… By the shore, the terraform tool create a not very steep hill. After, it also craves a streamlike depression. A new water generator is added to the hills top. Yes, we have dynamic water system! Not only that, we see a river rapids being built in that area, and it has now the capability to have their own tracks and also being added to existing “natural” water streams. Of course, it also has a rotating platform. =D
A new camera movement shows a rollercoaster built and themed according to the caracter we just saw being created. Rollercoaster building isn’t much different from what we have on Planco 1, but, we now can build switch tracks and other missing elements. And its tracks are super smooth…
Well, we think it’s getting over, but it isn’t. The camera goes up into the skies, showing a top view of the park we have being seeing. We finally see… the planet from our current main menu. And now, we get to know that it’s possible to build a world wide franchise park company. Differences such as economic viability, publics traits and interests should be taken in count in other to choose where to expand your resort (Theme Park feelings). Also, your mascots popularity varies according to different locations. A menu pops up and it’s an opportunities panel. It offers different kinds of secondary tasks such as: build a 6+ excitement rating coaster or ride, raise your merch sell by X%, make your mascot popular on the Y country, even construct a 3 stars park from the ground on the country Z… They all have a different kind of rewards. A cursor chooses build park on country Z. A new pop up shows all the terrains available, they have different shapes, sizes, terrain types, and, of course, prices. A new terrain is chosen, and the camera dives into its location on the planet model. The empty terrain is there, and a new park starts to get built.


What do you guys think?
There's no official communication about a development of Planet Coaster 2 at all...
In this forums was a lot of time spent in written suggestions, but actually not worth it.
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