Planet Coaster 2: Speculation and Rumors

There have been rumors about a possible Planet Coaster 2. If this does happen, Frontier would need some new features to make people want to buy it compared to Planet Coaster.
List your ideas here!
For me it would be:

1) Improve the Cobra engine making use of all CPU cores.
Make an improved version of the engine that runs on DX12 so we can finally make use of our modern hardware without horrible performance issues.

2) Full Workshop Mod support from the start like Cities Skylines had.
Not just the ability to add custom billboards or only the ability to import custom models a few years later cause that's a very limited way of "modding" and won't change a thing about actual gameplay. The workshop is already there, why not make full use of it?

3) Unrestrict everything.
We are PC gamers, we want to have our freedom or at least the ability to select an option to have full freedom when playing our games. In a game like this the coasters shouldn't be restricted. Sure I can understand they don't want us to make kiddy coasters that go 200kmph with inversions because they want to keep the game realistic, but many coasters are limited in a way that makes them even more unrealistic. An hydraulic launch is always on an incline but yet the game forces us to have it on a flat section eventhough people have been asking for this for years. Let the people decide what they want. And no worries, unrealistic coasters won't take over the workshop as they would simply not get upvoted.

And that's about it. Give us the freedom. Give us our mods. They already have the Workshop, why not fully use it? It has been proven to be succesful and it has proven that it does not prevent a developer from creating more DLC later on. It is possible, they just have to choose to do this and give us our freedom.
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Not only are there rumors, it's pretty much confirmed at this point seeing as a roadmap for Frontier that included PC2 leaked a couple of months ago which accurately predicted both Planet Zoo and the Ghostbusters DLC. Things can definitely change of course, but it's looking very likely that PC2 is coming within the next couple of years.

Personally I'd like a more streamlined way to build. Easier pathing system, click and drag options for walls, fences, roofs, etc. An easy way to change textures (and upload your own) without having to delete and replace objects. More variety of flora, meaning that each tree you plop down of a specific kind changes slightly each time.

Perhaps the option for a "novice" coaster/tracked ride builder for less advanced users that resembles RCT3s builder more (just as an option, not as the sole way to build a coaster). Definitely overall a more refined builder than the one we have now, and of course smoother coasters overall.

Building pieces that guests interact with, i.e. if you place a wall on a path they'll walk around it instead of through it. (Processing heavy I know, but it would be nice). Also, taking a page out of Parkitect's book, having to hide your backstage areas with scenery to make guests happy would be awesome.

More challenging management aspects, including backstage stuff, the option for more micromanaging in terms of purchasing goods, managing warehouses, potential animal welfare, ride maintenance, staff welfare, crowd control, special events (Halloween, Christmas), concerts, parades, etc.

Functional interiors, especially for restaurants and hotels instead of the hole in a box like it is now. This could be easily solved by having just a staff member alone act as their own store with the ability for us to choose exactly what they'll sell or what service they provide.

Dynamic water and an easier way to place water, even if they give us the option of a placeable water "object" in addition to a terrain editing option.

Better in game tutorials and scenarios that organically build people's skills up to play the game at a more advanced level. Videos alone aren't going to cut it for novice players, you need to set goals for people to reach in order for them to improve their skills using the different functions. Better scenarios overall too, more varied, more challenging, more interesting goals.

Overall performance improvements.

Those are all things I could think of off the top of my head.
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  • Make the game run on DX12 so that the game can finally use all the resources of a PC properly which will make the game run a lot better (hopefully!)
  • Include all scenery and rides from Planet Coaster 1
  • Bought DLC from Planet Coaster 1 can be used in PC2 too.
  • Weather (at least different types of rain and thunderstorms, clouded and foggy, including weather forecasts, umbrella selling, influence on gameplay like guests less keen to rides that are not covered by a roof. Also please no clipping of the rain through the ground and buildings.
  • Add the option to adjust the speed of the day/night cycle (either slower or faster, like in JWE sandbox)
  • Buyable land and thus interesting non-rectangular park boundaries.
  • Actual fences on the park boundaries instead of the immersion breaking dotted line on the ground.
  • A map tool like in JWE would be a great addition to management. It helps to have a clear sight of what's going on in the park, how the park is structured. Also the ability for guests to buy maps.
  • The option for facilities to require power and the ability to loose power like in JWE. But please also the option to wire stuff underground.
  • Realistic darkness within buildings. A fully closed off building should be pitch black.
  • Unlimited ground textures in the maps. The limited amount of usable textures at once is horrible and weird for such a modern game.
  • Recolorable path textures. Preferably also the ability to import your own path textures.
  • Add natural path with less obvious edges.
  • Click and drag fencing system like JWE. Should also include hedges of different heights and colors. This is a very important one!
  • Improve the automatic fences on paths option to allow fences on one side but not on the other etc.
  • An option to brush forests and bushes, like in JWE
  • Single placed flora should adjust in rotation, scale and preferably even in model to make things look more organic. (Even better would be to make this a toggle option)
  • Actual 3D grass like in JWE. The grass length and color would be dependent on the texture you choose.
  • Add water rides like canoes, swan boats, dinghy slide.
  • Implement a simplified coaster building tool as an extra option for less experienced users. They could easily do this by just adding pre-built and scaleable track shapes like they already have for loops, but then build a little piece of UI for it. Manipulating the track after placement like it can be normally should be possible.
  • Improved water visuals and added underwater visuals.
  • Realistic actual waterfalls instead of just a placeable effect.
  • More interesting scenarios with interesting objectives. A bit of story driven scenarios like JWE's scenarios would be awesome. With some actual dialogue and meaning to what you're doing. I loved this about JWE. It really brings the game to life.
  • Improved and more deep management features. Shop settings are really uninspired and bland right now. Backstage areas and paths would be great.
  • The ability to build actual restaurants and hotels with people that get served at restaurants at tables that are designated to a specific 'bar/shop/kitchen'.
  • The option to scale scenery objects, including screens.
  • improve the way guests enter and leave rides, allowing people so swap seats more quickly like in real life. So that not all guests need to have left the station before others can enter.
  • Add animations for guests entering and exiting seats of the rides.
  • Improved streamlined UI. Some objects are stored in really unlogical or in two different places. Like there are signs in the scenery and in the building section. I would also like to see just 1 rides tab, which holds the coasters (a sub menu) and the flat rides.
  • The option to change the white color of the UI. It can be a real bright eyesore when playing the game for longer.
  • Improve the way buildings work, it can become a mess right now. I would be happy with at least an option to combine multiple buildings into a group, so it can be selected and moved all at once. You would then be able to enter the group and edit the different buildings from there.
  • Make it easier to select and remove shops within a building.
  • Make shop blocks less tall. They could easily be less tall. Makes it easier to implement the shops into some custom buildings.
  • Make guests complain less fast about too busy shops and waiting in queues. Guests complain way too fast now.
  • Bring back the ghost train when testing a rollercoaster while building it. Saves a lot of crashed coaster cars.
  • Unique models for mechanics, cleaners and guards, just like the guests and vendors, which also allows them to be female.
  • More fonts for signs and less glitchy looking edges of these fonts
  • Complete the collection of ride signs: either none of the rides should have them or all of them.
  • The ability to toggle or change themed parts of flat rides.

I know it's a very long list, but I swear to God. If all of this would get implemented, PC2 would be the perfect game!
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I have a stupidly huge wish list that I've added to over the years in notepad but I will (try to...) stick with just a few that I'd really, really, really love to see :p I'm going to repeat a few that have already been mentioned just to show that "we really want this" specific feature.

  • Paths & terrain improvements. I would love to be able to manipulate the terrain & the paths together instead of paths being stuck like glue that you have to delete if you want to manipulate the terrain under them. If the terrain is too steep for the path then you will get blocked but I'd love to be able to smooth out terrain and the paths also smooth along with it too.
  • Ticket booth instead of charging per rides. Guests will go up to the info kiosk (or an actual ticket booth) & buy a pack of tickets. Then you will dictate how many tickets a ride costs.
  • Better balancing for free rides & a park entry price.
  • When guests come to the park they will line up at entrance booths to purchase their tickets before entering.
  • Zones; You can create a zone by selecting rides, stalls & scenery (similar to work rosters) & that will create a "Zone". You'll name the zone & maybe even have perks you can add (example: kid friendly perk would attract families to this specific zone). The zone will have its own internal scenery & ride score & you can assign staff to them as well. When guests are in zones they will be interested in seeking out all the rides (within their desire) vs just the higher prestige ones.
  • More biomes with better variety. Ocean island, beach front, sandy dunes, cliffs, etc.
  • Weather.
  • scalable scenery; at least for flora & rocks.
  • Scalable day/night cycle. I'd love to make the cycle longer.
  • more "end game" gameplay for larger parks. An example could be applying a very expensive upgrade to your rides so they break down less. It's a heavy price up front and a higher maintenance cost + your mechanics won't need to visit the ride as often.
  • Some form of utility gameplay for trash, power & water.
  • Stall stock gameplay.
  • Slow sections of coasters shouldn't tank the excitement rating if there's a lot of scenery/animatronics going on.
  • Guest seat preferences; they won't just line up for the front & work their way to the back, they will scatter more & some prefer sitting in the back. (and more guests should line up in the station queue instead of just the ones who are about to get on)
  • More gift shops. Neon bracelets & necklaces that glow at night, sunglasses, t-shirts, etc. (with weather; umbrellas, ponchos, jackets, sunscreen)
  • Making it so effects during night time aren't so hard to see.
  • fence tool (I have a feeling you guys are definitely going to do this one).
  • street lamps that can snap to path edges like trash cans & benches.
  • Guests won't bail out of the queue if the ride breaks down, they will wait UNLESS it takes too long, then they will bail.
  • tunneling through water.
  • actual waterfalls like RCT3.
  • Flowing rivers.
  • flexicolor paths & being able to mix regular paths & queue paths so you can use the textures from both.
  • increase/decrease water flow for water rides like the log flume.
  • For rides like the haunted house track & transportation/viewing rides, letting you adjust different speeds for different sections of track
  • Staff that aren't the same model, bring back the diversity from RCT3. (you did this in Planet Zoo, woohoo!)
  • more variety of breakdowns.
  • shuttle mode for monerail & other front/back style transportation.
  • bringing back the cute little kiosks like the burger bar.
  • Midway games.
ok that was more than just a few...:ROFLMAO: and "yes" to everything everyone is saying above. :p
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What do you guys think about the Disney rumor? I mean, I would like to have their characters and so on, but for me, it's not 100% priority. PlanCo can create theirs and, also, I dont want it to be only-focused on Disney or poor in other aspects in order to have their rights.

Would be perfect if it's a Planet Coaster improved, with much many rides and stuff including some Disney-based rides and rollercoasters as well as Disney parades and animators.
I hope this isn't true because planet coaster cannot really be improved on other then from a technical standpoint, updating the game engine to Vulkan/DX12 so we can get the game running at 60FPS on completely jam packed parks without the simulation slowing down because the game engine has been maxed. And adding a water park stuff to the game this time, Both of which, could easily be done by just simply upgrading on the existing game, making a second PC is too soon, and they will be busy bee's working on the Zoo game now anyway.
What do you guys think about the Disney rumor? ...snip
A little concerned that a Disney license could limit what they could do which is what some people theorize happened to Jurassic World:Evo. If it's for just a Disney theme + some rides & entertainers then that sounds great but if it's Disney everything like, "Disney fairy tale" "Disney western" "Disney Tomorroland scifi" then not interested in that at all.
A little concerned that a Disney license could limit what they could do which is what some people theorize happened to Jurassic World:Evo. If it's for just a Disney theme + some rides & entertainers then that sounds great but if it's Disney everything like, "Disney fairy tale" "Disney western" "Disney Tomorroland scifi" then not interested in that at all.
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