Planet Coaster 2: Speculation and Rumors

what a dream! what a dream! .....if they had a project, they would have already talked about it! for me, it's a dead game!
what a dream! what a dream! .....if they had a project, they would have already talked about it! for me, it's a dead game!
This game was very sucessful for them. They won't let the planco franchise rest for too long. Also they very much care about their community and implement their wishes very often in updates,dlcs,...
Stay positive,there will be news soon,because console is finished now and hasn't gotten anything either since.
Ok , i hope so !!!!!!:rolleyes: but most of great players are gone away , tired of waiting in vain , and so too much waiting can kill the game .
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PC2 will come for sure it's just a matter of when. As for what I would love to see.

#1 (Most importantly above all other requests) PC1 to PC2 park, model & blueprint import tool!

2 Switch track coasters (Expedition Everest)
3 Water Park stuff
4 Full color pallet available at all times instead of being stuck with just the colors choices made at park load, like desert, tropical, alpine etc.
5 More DLC Bring it on!
6 Dynamic save function/optimization. Set the amount of time between autosaves or turn it off. Right now it gets really annoying if you have a really large park.
7 In editor model lock. The ability to lock items from being affected by other editing actions. Right now it is intuitively backwards with the terrain editor. The TE has the option to effect or not effect an object (which only partially works). It should be we select an object like "rollercoaster X" and lock it, then no matter what we do with any other object or terrain it will not allow any interaction with the coasters edges and boundaries. This shouldn't require going to the menus for the game to turn on and off lock items. Just add change the lock button function for use in the editor instead of for use to other players.
8 Multi Monitor Support---the ability to put the tool bar menus on a second screen fully open along with park management. I play on a 34 with a 24 sitting next to me it would be nice if we could make use of 2 or more screens.
9 TMTK object size increase 10X at least. Direct import from Unity or Unreal
10 Test mode with sims instead of dummies so we can check load flows in the que. Set a test crowd size, 100-200-500-5000 etc.

11 Recreation Challenge Mode--Single entry fee pricing for parks designed to be recreations of places like Six Flags, Disney, Alton etc. You know what the prices are at point X in 1971 for Disney World and the clock starts then you have to build the parks fast enough to keep up with the historical clock to make them either accurate enough to make the sims happy or build it better than Six Flags did and make more money. Reaching milestones along the way. Puts emphasis on building to the clock and the customer and less on controlling the ticket prices as they will follow the historical curve for the parks in question automatically and money for building projects will be given to the player accordingly. Attendance milestones are a known quantity for these places. Matching Alton Towers numbers and beating them with better attendance and profits by having built a better park from an initial starting point of Disney on opening day in 1971 or a Cedar Point when it opened. The game gives you a park like that as a starting place. What you do after opening day is up to you. Do you build Space Mountain? Do you build Millennium Force? Premade blueprints would be available (DLC) or you build a better ride to go in that place instead and make the park better. In this mode if you have 100mil in the bank and you have to have a Space MT in place in a month because that's what the deadline is, you won't make that objective because even though you have the money for the blueprint model the game will know it takes 2 years to build the ride and you will make the sims unhappy. Decisions can't be made just by holding on to money until the last second because you will get behind the curve time wise historically to be able to build the next project in the timeline. Different was to judge success, profit, accuracy to time, accuracy to plan, attendance, sim happiness, or a matrix of all for a composite score. This would be more about building the park and less about running the park.
Well here we are with restaurants and shop counters with no box in Planet Zoo. I reckon this is something they are testing out again,much like the seating areas for animal talks,as Planet Zoo becomes a playground to test stuff for their next game,which could be Planco 2, even if it probably still takes atleast a year till it comes out. Just imagine the possibility of having working restaurants and possibly hotels and stage shows thanks to animal talks in that game XD.
Well here we are with restaurants and shop counters with no box in Planet Zoo. I reckon this is something they are testing out again,much like the seating areas for animal talks,as Planet Zoo becomes a playground to test stuff for their next game,which could be Planco 2, even if it probably still takes atleast a year till it comes out. Just imagine the possibility of having working restaurants and possibly hotels and stage shows thanks to animal talks in that game XD.
Hope springs eternal
Hey there! Loved Planet Coaster and still play it regularly. I wanted to add some suggestions that might be cool to add to any new titles. I really like the idea of adding more stuff for you to do in your park, like the target ride and playable Go-Karts that have already been added. It makes the parks you create live longer and adds replayability for me. Now these suggestions are made with little to no understanding of the exact tools and difficulties in making big changes to a title like this other than a course on game dev I did years back so please bare with any ignorance of logistics.

1. More Minigames for the player: Thrillville 2 Off the Rails had a full library of mini games that can be added to your park for guests and for you. There was online leaderboards and prizes you could give to guests or keep for yourself too which was good fun. Could have special avatar customisation options as high score prizes for the player to flesh it out. Beat 'em ups and old classic arcade games to play could be a cool little addition. As they have already started the ball rolling with the karts and shooting ride it might be nice to expand on this a bit more.

2. Playable Avatar: The first person camera is already a thing and your avatar is already a rigged NPC by the looks of it, maybe combine the two or add a third person character controller so you can walk around as your own character in your own parks. Would make more sense if combined with the minigames from point 1 above. Visiting friends parks as your Avatar could add a cool angle to things. Vising your stores to buy novelty hats or balloons is a little detail that might make the park feel more real as well. Could be really janky and collision could be a problem if you left the path though. Guest cam is something I've seen others mention before so I might not be alone in this. Making it your Avatar is purely my preference when an Avatar is present in the game.

3. Water themed options: Like in RCT3, the pools and slides were a blast to play with. Mixed with the scenery and building freedom in Planet Coaster there could be some amazing creations. Seen plenty mention this but I have no idea of logistics but if possible I'm sure the developers have already started to think about this.

That's my two cents anyway. I hope you like the ideas and I hope they aren't a million miles away from the direction PlanCo is going already. Let me know what you think anyway :)

Linked some images of the minigames from Thrillville 2 as well so you can see what I mean.


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I think minigames aren't a bad idea for the sequel! I'd love to see arcades that can be built for your guests to play and you can play them! The video arcade games should be at least parody clones of real arcade games with their own twists.
It should at least be optimised to not get lag with middle sized, decently themed parks. Big Parks I am okay with lower FPS,as long as it doesn't lag.
But since it will probably be a new or greatly improved engine,I'm hopeful,we'll get better performance.
My wishlist for PC2 (I hope Frontier devs are reading/listening to these!! ;);) :love::
*Update the shops. A way to make shops/hire staff using just your own creations and not the pre-made shop storefront templates added to the creation, (if there is an existing way to do that I am not aware of it.)
*Adult shops such as Beer Pubs and casinos--I know it is supposed to be kiddie friendly.. but make it adult friendly too :love:
*Ability to import your own ground textures (that would be preferable--maybe they would not have to be part of autopaint--just addon textures) and/or at least add more options than the existing 8--at least 10-- environment textures
*Running rivers and waterfalls which would create a whole new way to have water rides/venues
*which leads to Innertube rides and other boat style type rides such as canoes and kayaks
*Clear water! - ability to see items and create an underwater world or just a koi pond- create an underwater mermaid show (I saw one of these at a park in Texas years ago)
*Resort style items, such as more elaborate hotels and swimming pools--swimming pools that the guests/peeps take advantage of--Ability to make elaborate Swimming pools with swim up refreshment areas and swimming areas for kids to play in like giant mushroom sprinklers to stand under and splash around
*Water rides!! (Schlitterbahn style rides)--however don't limit it to just water slides which can get boring--add rides such as paddle boards, body surfing, Sea-doos or jet ski ride, water jet flying ride, paddle boats, windsurfing, glass bottom boat rides-where you can see underwater creatures and/or scuba divers, submarine rides, Swimming pool obstacle course--such as shimmy across a rope above a pool while you're balancing your feet on floating discs in the pool (yes they had an area like this at Schiltterbahn:D)
*Louisiana style Steamboat ride complete with a jazz band entertainment on board, and restaurant/refreshments
*Festival stage for entertainment shows and parties
*Zip tie rides
*Hot air balloon rides
*Ground rides like race cars and kiddie train
*Transportation rides to get around the park: Larger trams trolly cars or Trains; A ski lift style ride that gets you from one side of the park to the other! - or monorail, moving sidewalks--all of which would be ideal for your older/elderly and/or disabled peeps/guests :cool:... include scooters (for younger folks) and golf cart or grocery store style cart rides to assist guests as well.
*More outdoor scenery and decorating items such as floating sky lanterns and floating water lanterns, additional nature items trees/flowers statues and shrubs
*Advertising---A plane and/or blimp that flies over the park --and you could customize the message flying behind the plane or blimp for your peeps

As far as Disney.. I could live without this branding (and I am sure licensing/money) added--Let Frontier Planet Coaster be the brand.. who knows? they could be the next Disney--I am with another commenter here. add Looney tunes.. or go with something new please--Like the Jetsons futuristic park--(come to think of it, didn't they have moving sidewalks in that cartoon?).. or the Flinstones!.. just something else!
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Be a guest mode. In 1st & 3rd person camera. Walk around park, stand in line, buy stuff.Ride rides. Play midway games, etc...
What good is building a park, or downloading a park, if you can't be a part of it?
They just announced the game for Playstation Plus,I'm not expecting anything from them in the next 2 years anymore. That announcement almost had me jumping,now I'm really dissapointed.😔
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