Planet Coaster 2

Call of Duty has had an estimated retail of between 40 and 60 bucks, and there have been 16 games released. Even at the low end, that's $640 bucks.

PC is $100? This is a problem how? Come on, Breezer, give it a rest.
Why are certain rides from RCT 1-3 impossible in Planet Coaster? Like bumper boats, paddle boats, water slides. Is it the AI or programming difficulties? To be honest, Planet Coaster felt rushed and the dlc packs are good, but the game still feels incomplete. Hopefully they will flesh out the game a bit more with more ride packs. I wish though they could find a way to make custom haunted mazes that people walk through, and walk-through haunted attractions. Maybe something like the RCT mini golf path, and with the ability to set triggers for animatronics.
Well since citytrader told me to give it a rest, then I guess I cant complain about people comparing 16 video games to 1 or 2 video games, and I cant complain that everybody is just ignoring my completely valid points just because its easier for everybody to ignore the truth by arguing over petty things like the fact that Plazoo and Planco are 2 games instead of one like RCT3, even though Planco and Plazoo both use the same engine, the same UI, the same toolset, and many of the same scenery objects, forcing us to essentially rebuy the entire game at an additional cost instead of fixing the problems in Planco and selling Plazoo as an expansion, because the devs just want to resell us the same scenery packs over and over again. Yeah I guess Im totally just a fool for thinking that people could possibly see even the slightest bit of logic in everything I have said and will just ride along with the 2vs16 debate since thats far more important than anything else I said. Time for me to open my wallet and pay extra for beta access just to pretend that giving feedback to a company means more than if I didnt pay that extra cost
Sorry to say, but the engine is not entirely the same anymore so you can’t just have it as an expansion. Also there are enough features to be its own game. Yes a shame about the features that are not in planet coaster but see my argument above
Why do people keep bringing this up that Planet Coaster is over when Frontier have stated multiple times that is isn't? There are various threads about it. And again, they're all pretty much clones of each other with the same comments.

Where does the logic come from? If it's because they have a newer game out, then Planet Coaster should have wrapped up when Jurassic World Evolution was launched (which should be finished developing on November 5th when Planet Zoo is launched). And Elite Dangerous should have been abandoned in 2016 when Planet Coaster came out. But all these games get updates, with Elite getting major ones.

They are all pretty different games with their own appeal. Some of us may play more than one of them but there will be many people who only play one.

So until there is a replacement game and the current one remains popular and generates revenue, why would a company abandon it cutting off a source of income? It makes no business sense.

My stance on the argument that people think that the game is expensive and poor value, then that is purely subjective. Elizabeth pointed out that RCT3 (which is always dragged out by many people for comparison) cost me £30 for the base game and £25 each for the 2 expansions. That equals £80 and that was back in 2004. Yes, I played it to death and I loved it.
Planco cost me £65 for the Early Bird edition plus all the content packs which were usually a measly £7.99 for loads of content. Lets not forget that the base game for the normal edition was ONLY £20. That is ridiculously cheap for the amount and quality of what was included. In total what I have is worth £136. I've played 4056 hours when I include Alpha. That means is have given me all this fun and enjoyment for 3.35 pence per hour. I can only imagine how much money I would have spent if I'd spent all that time in the pub or going for days out.

And I keep seeing people pointing out that RCT3 had this feature, or that funny UFO looking ride, so why can't we have it in Planco? Or that Planet Zoo has this, so why can't Planet Coaster as they're both made in the Cobra engine? It's not the same Cobra engine. Like anything, it is improved and evolves. RCT3 was also made in the Cobra engine, but there is no way you could put some of the Planco features into that game. It's like saying a Porsche 911 from 1972 is the same as a Porsche 911 from 2019 because they have the same name.

And as I pointed out earlier, Frontier have stated many times that Planet Coaster isn't dead, so why is anyone worrying or stating that it is?

When or if Planet 2 is coming, I know Frontier will let us all know and the hype train can once again scream out of the station. Let's all just see what comes and enjoy what we have :)
Thank you Nemmie, for pointing out again all I was trying to say. The price vs. amount of gameplay worked out to less than a quarter US per hour for me. And comparing RCT3 to PC is like comparing apples to oranges. They are both fruit, but totally different.

Breezerhog, you missed my point about CoD vs PC. I was strictly referring to cost, not # of games. You keep talking about $100 like the average guy would have to raid Fort Know to get that much, but compared to some other games, such as CoD, $100 is dirt cheap for the base game and all the add on packs. Further, PC had seven packs, or nine, if you count the go carts as separate packs. They also deployed a number of other updates, so your stating one vs. sixteen is really not very accurate, is it? More like 10 to 16.
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