Planet Coaster 2

Here's a suggestion for if a Planco ll is made. Could possibly even implement it in the current Planco, but don't see it happening.

With the invisible wall in Planet Zoo, I'm thinking of something similar such as an invisible path. For an example, if you want to make a shack that involves walking up stairs to enter, usually the stairs are going to be something like... planks of wood. For this type of scenario, you'd need some type of invisible path system implemented into the game.

Sure, sounds good to me. Would be great for doing raised paths where you don't have the curb enforced like we do now. That really ruins any elevated structures once you add pathing to them.
When is the possible release timeframe?
Frontier has not said anything about Planco 2, everything is speculation, while it’s highly plausible there will be sequel, it’s not a guaranteed thing, it may not happen. If (not when) it does happen, I wouldn’t expect any news before 2021
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