ANNOUNCEMENT Planet Coaster Announced for 2016

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The sun was already up when i went to bed, but it was worth it. Too bad Mister Braben didn't get a bit more time to talk about the game, but it got me excited. Thanks Michael en the rest of Frontier for Planet Coaster!
Well, I don't remember what exactly it was, but it was back the 90s, when I realized that not all "Tycoon"-Games are dry but cool business as Railroad- and Transport-Tycoon.

No doubt Planet Coaster will be a great success and maybe I'll give it a try to see, what aspects of Elite went there and what parts of planet coaster became elements in Elite.
So, I was looking for ship skins but the store defaulted to Planet Coaster stuff. Pretty, I thought, and maybe the kids would like this; might be worth a look. I couldn't see anything on the store to say what platform the game is for and there wasn't an obvious link to the game site, so used my friend Google to it. That still didn't answer that basic question inside 60 seconds. I remembered seeing the thread here which finally gave me an answer. Can I suggest that you update the sites so they cater for the hard of thinking like myself? It just cost you an impulse buy, though certainly not ruled out a more considered purchase later on.
What would be my dream scenario would be if you could land on a planet in elite dangerous and the parks that people make are on the planet so you could literally just hop off your ship, straight onto a coaster yaaaaay!!!!!

ps pls make this happen FD
so you could literally just hop off your ship, straight onto a coaster
Holy mother of the God! No way!
The distant reaches of space, there's no man ever reach, there was no one there for billions of years. Planets lifeless and deserted, there's nobody here, there's nothing here ...
But there is a full range of the most advanced entertainment: merry-go-round's, water and snow slide's, carrousel's, stall's of ice cream and cotton candy ...
It's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind ...
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