Planet coaster feels incomplete, some ideas to fix this.

Best community, Developers and everyone working on Planet Coaster.

I am truly fan of the game for sure, but i have the feeling the game is missing much objects.
I also have the feeling that the game is missing plain themed rides.
If i want to build a flatride i have to stick to the Developers chosen theme.

I also feel limitations by the objects, themes, rides that the game has and overall i have the idea that RCT-3 was more complete then planet coaster when release.
I have thought of some improvements that would make the game a completer feel.

I've listed them for you, so you can have all my thoughts and ideas much more readable.

* Custom support placement. I want to be able to create or even choose where i want to place what kind of support like in NoLimitsCoaster. This would improve the game. See it more like a idea of the customized supports we have used by asset creators in RCT-3.
* More building pieces: Well, I definitely want more objects from more main themes. I have the feeling now that i can't combine anything useful cause of the theme limitations.
* Objects selected by theme -> Make tabs in the general UI like RCT-1, 2 and 3 so we can find our needed objects better by the preferred theme.
* The water rides needs a huge overhaul. Currently the log flume only splashes when we use the in-build drops. While it should splash if we make our own splash tracks. Otherwise i'd really like to customize my own drops, and not want the chosen angle. The river rapids is a even bigger issue. See my next point.
* The river rapids are missing essential rapid parts. Look close at the rapids in most parks. They are using wood to make waves. Let us be able to place our woods randomly in the rapids and let us free to make a wave along the track. Also the rapids slow down when you build your track down ways, when it speeds up when we raise the track. This needs to be fixed. Also i miss the waterfall element since we can't create a actually soaking waterfall.
*The selection of coaster and rides in the game are very limited. You need to insert more variation in the game.
*The selection of objects and themes is very limited. We need, and especially really needed!!, more objects, more animatronics, more smaller detailed building places. Maybe you guys should invite Shyguy from Shyguysworld. He made some incredible custom content for the game RCT-3.
*Asset creation: How cool would it be if we could actually create walls, themes, objects and insert them and share them with the steam community? I don't want to really say the current creators did a bad job, but i think you would be surprised that there are more talented people really want to make a game changer.
*Coaster editor change of improvement: I want to ask you if you could redefine your smooth buttons. Also i want to clear out that it is hard to smooth the prefab elements since you cannot touch them. This should be enabled so we could smoothly connect the prefab elements into our drawn blueprints. Also i like a support selector or a support drawer in the coaster editor. This, so the advanced players can actually choose, or perfect the support structure. (For wooden coasters, you can make a generator, with we can move and replace wooden beams. I also like you to consider more supporting options on wooden coasters and more trains to select from.)
*Shops, I think were not having enough shops and food and drink facilities. Also i'd like to consider a extra idea of putting more staff into the facilities. The ones that sell the orders, the ones that make or packing the orders. You need to train them, but it is possible to make this work.
*Big customized restaurants. We really need a option to build a actual restaurant where people can order food and take a seat. Where you can hire a waitress for tables and make extra money from tips.
*Delivery routes (Something i picked up from Parkitect), It would be actually cool to add a level of management to provide shops with their products. As in they are need to be delivered. We can hire staff for that or make a practical distribution.
*Train your ride operators. Well first, i think we need more then one person on the rides. As in coasters there is always 2 people in the station and one in the control booth. Now there is just one people in the control booth which we can't train, but also he doesn't check the guests safety.
*Security guards and engine simulation. Every park has to deal with violence. Why can't we install a actual security system in our parks? Like camera's and guards. And let the guests also do their magic in showing some riot.
*More people that like to go on gentle rides. (They don't enter the gentle rides).
*More controllable darkride transportation.

*Parking lots (Which people can acces by car and from there people can enter the park gate).
Scenery that block the guest from walking further. Just place a object or wall and people can't walk an further, except gates.
*Windows with real looking through glass. Mak us some windows we can actually see trough.


Why is the water not visible onder water? It's just a plain mirror.
Please fill the whole hole with water and not just the mask!
It feels now like water is only a special effect and nothing natural.
Please, make water so, that as in RCT-3 when you dive you can see you're in water. Even that fish or other animals are living here.


Well I must have forgot some points, but this is what i think could improve planet coaster for me right now.

I hope you agree on most of my points.
A mixmaster show pannel back for WET fountain shows would be awesome to build.

Well that was it i guess,