Planet Coaster Locking Up PC

This has been getting worse and worse. Temps are normal, my memory tests fine, and there doesn't seem to be any hardware issues. Everything just locks up after a few minutes of playing Planet Coaster. And worse yet, it's started corrupting all my parks, so when I restart everything, they won't load anymore. Anyone else experience this?
Not exactly. But a couple of days ago, my game started crashing whenever I click on any of the blue item menu tabs at the bottom, such as "Blueprints, Toolkit Items, Scenery" etc... I too have tested everything without any apparent issues. I've uninstalled EVERY one of my Steam Workshop items. I've uninstalled and reinstalled PlanCo several times, into different directories and onto different hard-drives, and no matter what I do... it always crashes in the same spot. I have no idea why this started happening so suddenly, in the middle of me playing the game, after it had been running perfectly fine for the past several days. I don't know what to do.
At this point maybe a fresh install on a new computer might be the only way to fix it. Or maybe your computer is not as powerful or is dirty inside.
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