Planet Coaster Steam Group

Hi all!

As we are now aware PC is coming to steam. As well as posting our steam names here for everyone to add, I have tried to make it easier and have created a community group which in the mean time we can use to add anyone who joins it. It saves us time posting our names on here, so if you join the group you can view the members and click add. Simples!

Lets get a steam community going so come release we have it ready for us to chat and discuss anything coaster related!

Thanks again guys.

**Also I will be looking for group moderators when we have a good sized group going, so if you want to be one don't be shy and ask!**
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Joined your group, but not set me as a mod or admin on there, i got a ton ofstuff on my plate as it stands. [tongue]
hahaha so cool! [big grin] I hope we get to see some "community creations" from Team Frontier !!
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As i type this reply, 69 members have followed me onto steam and joined the group. We are not far away from welcoming our 100th member, i wonder who it will be? :)

Please join in guys and if you havent already invite your friends in as well! This is the start of our community, ready for action the minute Planet Coaster hits steam. Join us on this ride as we strive to create the most creative and user friendly group for all planet coaster players on the steam platform.

Thanks guys!! I appreciate anyone who joins us on this ever lasting roller coaster!
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