Planet Coaster: Street Fighter

I know I already mentioned this in a general discussions post, but I would like to expand on it a bit further. Basically, I would like to see Frontier get the license from Capcom to make a Street Fighter DLC pack.

The DLC will feature a story scenario (similar to Ghostbusters) in the form of Fighterville. The story is about a theme park named Fighterville being created to honor the Street Fighter characters. The player has to finish the 7 areas to summon the fighter that the area is themed to and then win in the Street Fighter Tournament with their chosen fighter. Each area is based on a fighter's home country surrounding a central area (such as Japan for Akuma and China for Chun-Li). The central area has the three new rides included in the DLC pack. (The pieces will be much different than in the World's Fair Pack, as they are styled after the stages from the video game.)

These are the Street Fighter characters who will appear in the DLC pack:
M. Bison

Street Fighter (This is similar to the SLV, with a drive tire lift and chain lift. Unlike the SLV, it does not have a shuttle launch mode, meaning it can only go forward. This coaster also has a blueprint called "Hadoken".)
Shoryuken (This is an S&S drop tower that uses the customizable height system.)
Battle Ring (This is a special ride. First, it needs at least two Street Fighter characters so it can open. Second, it cannot break down. This involves guests watching the Street Fighter characters battle each other until one knocks out the other. Two fighters are selected at random and will run to the Battle Ring before the fight begins. Players can play an actual game of Street Fighter by clicking the Play Street Fighter button on the infobox.)

Hat's Fantastic will allow guests to wear Ryu's headband and Loony Blooons will add a Street Fighter balloon.

A Street Fighter II arcade machine will appear as a small attraction and remixes of music tracks from the aforementioned game can be played on rides.
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I think it might be hard to get them to do this as Planco have this very family rating, and fighting plus violence kind of go against that.
But there are some fighting games that are also family friendly. Take the Super Smash Bros. games for instance.
By the way, when you start the scenario, Ryu and Ken will be the only fighters available, with the others available when you finish their respective areas.
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