IMPORTANT: Planet Coaster Summer Update 1.3

firstly I love the new update! I think ive spotted a bug already unless someone can help me? I picked a custom biome -deciduous. Changed the terrain paints to what I wanted. However I must of swapped the grass that is used for the deciduous background.....its changed to red rock and looks awful :( of course I can change that in my park but out of boundaries it looks weird.
Planet Coaster never crashed

after the update it is crashing for some reason.

The funny thing is it didn't crash yesterday but this morning it won't even let me play for a couple of minutes.
Great update Frontier. I love it. Thanks for the great work en effort you guys are putting in the game!

I just found another bug. One of the new flags is missing the placeholder text, it now shows the development name but i see that it has already been reported.
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