Parks Planet Coaster (Uncreative Name, I know.): My First PlanCo Park!

Oh, it's you. It's been a long time. How have you been?

I've been really busy being dead, you know, after school started and I got a job?


Yeah, it's been a while. And here I am (finally) with my first Planet Coaster park.

Which has uncreatively been called "Planet Coaster".

So have a few photos with some captions.

I guess.

The park as a whole, which currently contains a GCI Woodie (Oaken Defender), an RMC I-Box Hybrid (RailRunner), an RMC T-Rex (Red Ribbon), an Intamin Accelerator (SkyScreamer), and a neat little go-kart track (Planet Coaster Speedway).

Red Ribbon, the RMC T-Rex.

SkyScreamer, the Intamin Accelerator.

Planet Coaster Speedway, the go-kart track.

RailRunner, the RMC I-Box Hybrid.

And Oaken Defender, the GCI Woodie.

More photos to come soon!
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