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A travelling funfair, often simply called a fair, is a small to medium-sized travelling show primarily composed of stalls and other amusements.
The British term "funfair" is also used to refer to non-travelling amusement parks. Larger fairs such as the permanent fairs of cities and seaside resorts might be called a fairground, although technically this refers to the land where a fair is traditionally held...

I couldn't find much 'funfair' stuff here on the forum. So why not open a thread for it [cool]
Feel free to use this thread to share your funfair creations, ride skins, transports, light shows etc.

I like to start of with a ride skin.

This is my first funfair ride skin with lights and effects.

Here's a video of the ride and light show

WIP... [where is it]

Have a great day!
That's awesome DutchCreator! I am a huge fan of Funfairs. I have made a lot of custom funfair stuff for RCT3.
Creating these rides is a really good idea, never thought about using Planet Coaster for these kind of rides.

Thanks for showing this!
Great work DutchCreator! Being from the UK, I am very familiar with this style of funfair ride, I especially like your Hellraiser Waltzers! [up]
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