Horizons Planet showcase - post your most beautiful shots that you are really proud of

Speaking of the 70s - I call this one "The Ghost Of Gerry Anderson" because I swear it looks SO much like the type of shot composition that was so often used with the Eagles and Moonbase Alpha in Space 1999. I swear I didn't plan it that way. I was using the camera function to try and find an angle to land at this Guardian site and decided to snap the shot while I was at it.

(I eventually did find a spot slightly under a Kilometer away. I had to check Reddit posts and other reference but finally found someone's post on the spot they had used that they provided the exact coordinates for. It has to be the ONLY spot close to the Guardian site that an Anaconda can land at. Otherwise you have to truck in with the SRV from at least 5-8KM out. I really should've brought my Asp for this. Ah well. Live and learn.)
The only planet I care about is good old fashioned Earth. All you kids with your 'space fliers' and 'wiper drives'. You don't know the value of a good planet.
Universal Cartographics does, though
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