Horizons Planet showcase - post your most beautiful shots that you are really proud of

approaching HD 76133 1, the third moon of which has the infamous Anaconda Graveyard. Too bad its bugged right now and the game crashes whenever you get within 81Km of the graveyard. :(

On a lighter note. This spectacular view came about while helping to evacuate Alliance citizens from the stricken stations in the Witch Head Nebula.

These peculiar life forms resemble a mysterious alien city when observed from above in the dark face of a remote planet:

Twin stellar eyes gaze at an explorer ship while lighting its path among the stars like a twin lighthouse in the void:

Unfortunately, I did not know how to handle external cameras back then for this last one, it is among my oldest.
A wonderful sight of the milky way behind a nebula (VEIL WEST SECTOR DL-Y D68, if I recall right), behind a mountain in a very small planet.
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Caught an eclipse on a closely orbiting binary planets. Two of the pics are portrait so I put the whole lot inside spoiler tags. Hopefully makes this post less annoying to look at.

The small dark blob is the gas giant these two are orbiting
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