Planetary Circumnavigation - Wilson Edition

Never actually been out to planet Wilson (although I might come and join you for tiny bits of this journey ... if you're not too terrified of the SRV multi-player instance damage multiplier thing). I have to say, for a circumnavigation, it looks kinda brutal. Hope you've packed plenty of crackers 'cos this might take some time?
Day 2

Everybody is welcome here, I got a 20% bonus SRV protection from sacrifcing a Ship to Wilson (I'm sure thats how it works!). And yes it might take a while, in parts because of the distance to travel but also because I'm not a racer. I'm more the Slow and Steady type :D

Today I had a lot of time play so I could make good progress. Starting it was still night but the galactic Core being gone and some nebula acting as waymarkers
North America Nebula and Pelican Nebual left below the galaxy (Andromeda I blelive) and on the right Sadr Region being allignt with heading 270 I have to go

Elswhere Barnards Loop and others hang around

But I have to admit that the combination of night in Game and the morning sunshine coming into the house in a annoying way (as usual) made it times hard to see whats in front of me. But it wasn't too much of problem as it was a smooth ride to Waypoint 2
Shooting some Rocks

Finding some wreckege

Being annoyd by some Rocks (they are EVERYWHERE)

And while it was a smooth ride there can still be a suprising amount of ups and downs on a ridge

And there it was of course time for a fun little base jump

After that I stopped for a couple hours and when coming back was delighted to see that the sunrise is right ahead of me

And I didn't have to drive long to make it into the sunlight

Making my way towards the next waypoint, but I'm starting to become doubts if destroying my Ship really was a good Idea...
Oh god no, a whole bunch of stranded People. I can feel with them but without a ship I can't rescue them... ah well...

I hope they will be alight, lets just keep driving. Its really nice here!

Oh... oh... more stranded people, I am soooo sorry

They will be allright, I'm sure, lets just keep driving

Uh... destroyed SRV. And there is one escape pod too...

I'm really sorry, wish you the best!

Had another break and when I came back it was proper day on Wilson, the mist covering up the place making for a lovley atmosphere on my drive forward
The Ridge looks very nice at this time of day

Further ahead I could see where the ridge was starting to end, some last bumps before it flattens out on the Ground

And there was a lot of driving...

... Jumping...

... and a bit of climbing

And that was my progress for Day 2, currently at -16.44/119.45

Looks like I'm about halfway between Point 2 and 3, should make it to the canyon at point 3 tomorrow if all goes well.
Day 3

Starting off today it was day but the Star was hanging low getting ready to set down. Aside from the very first bit where I had to cross the Canyon the way on this Journey so far had been very favourable for a SRV.
First thing I saw starting today

You really need the shadows to tell which one of those dots in the sky the star of this system is :D

As a side note I do come across quite a lot metallic meteroite, managed to already fully stock up on Cadmium and Ruthenium. Might be useful one day

But everything has to change one day, the Terrain is starting to get rougher

Then I had a break of a few hours, coming back it was night time
The Galactic Core does look pretty big

Smoke Signals!

You don't need that anymore so I will take it. I'm sure I find a use for it...

Its getting more and more rough but there is some nice geographie around here!

I'm starting to get pretty sure I'm already in the Canyon even when it was still a long way to go to the marked Coordiantes I picked. I guess picking a spot in the Ship from Glide it looked like the beginning from there, but in the SRV you get a much more sophisticated feel for distance :D
I tried to keep the speed going while hopping from higher ground to higher ground, which is why I for many parts took screenshots on board while flying about

Its a lot of fun making way through here, even when its not always quite working out. But it is a bit annoyng when you miss the ground you aimed for by just a little bit :D

It looks great from high up

But also when you happen to be down on the Ground

Eventually I made my way to the little Plateau I picked as waypoint and did go to rest for the day
The way Ahead

Planet position

Current position is -16.49/93.85, Distance travelled is 0.29Mm
Day 4

Yeserday I was able to drive in daylight again, but the Canyon is now starting to get really sersious
Ah, its a beautiful Day!

Hopping around between Plateaus, they starting to get really high and feeling more like mountains at times

And more then once they prove a bit to high to Jump over and I end up in not so good places to end up in

But jumping from high point to high point is so much fun, makes the game feel like a plattformer at times :D

More and more this place feels like Labyrinth, I have to stick to low ground at times trying to navigate my way thorugh
Squeezing through

As troublesome as it can be I love driving around in places in like this

In front of me this looks like a road, while its going in the wrong direction I hit a bit of a deadend here and since this way seems to lead upwards I decide to follow to get to higher ground

And I think I ended up pretty much outside of the canyon on the Side, at leasts its high ground!

I made run down back into the canyon, I may have to go back to the side hitting more dead ends but I would hate having to avoid the canyon. While not a fast way to make progress I love driving in those places. But for now I stopped at -16.20/88.63

Distance driven is 0.09Mm
Looks brutal but magnificent! Currently thinking I'll try to hook up with you this weekend some time. What sort of time are you usually in game?
During the weekend you should be able to catch me around morning and evening hours european time, most likley. As FD likes to say "No Guarantees" :D
By definition, all worlds we land on are atmosphere-less, but I kept having to remind myself I wasn't seeing you peering through fog as you drove.
Day 5

I have seen pics of this place before and its one I definitly have to visit some day, rocky Ice planets are the best!

Now to day 5, starting off yesterday it was dark. And I mean dark
Hmmm... I guess theres something, somwhere?

It does look great, love it when its proper dark

As visibilty was so bad it was time for pro-strats: Full speed ahead and hope the best!
I'm... somwhere!

Ending up sticking sideways to some 90° wall

I really don't know what I'm doing

Oh, ending up in a place with less high stuff around me so I get some more light here and there

Eventually I stumble onto a way that seems to lead out of the canyon, given how problemativ progress is down here especially when its dark I swallow the pill and try to make my way out
Better to see onboard from the Radar, there is flat upwards road leading almost all the way out

It does lead very high up but I still have to do some jumping

And eventually I'm out

Once out of the canyon and on easy to drive terrain I can get some really good progress going, I do start to get better at that whole racing thing
One funny mistakes that can happen is when I try to aim for a landing where I want to immediatly use something as a ramp but It doesn't quite work out and launches me straight up 90%. All my momentum gets turned up but I kinda like it :D

Finding some stuff

But while I can make really good progress now I do kinda miss the canyon, so to end the day I make camp close to it

And that was it, I did just aimless stumble around at first but once out of the canyon I made some good progress. Current location is -17.08/78.02, distance driven is 0.16Mm

There will eventually be some canyon reunion, as can be seen on the map. There is canyon curving up and getting in the way.
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