Parks PlanetCoaster Lagoon - A Pirate-Themed Theme Park for All the Family!

Avast, me hearties! Welcome to PlanetCoaster Lagoon - a theme park focused entirely on Piracy, Plunder and... Pirates!

This will be a continuous project of mine, and the park will be expanded to at least include all of the current rides available, two large stores/restaurants for each facility, 2 rollercoasters (one of each type) and last, but not least, plenty of toilets. I may take inspiration from other players' creations, however I aim to at least make 90% of the park my own original creation.

So, let's fly the sails and take up the anchor! The first ride which I have built is the mighty Victory. A true terror of the seas, ready to conquer the largest of fleets, and scale the highest of waves. Excited guests line up enthusiastically to join it's pirate crew on it's voyages, day or night!



Bird's Eye:
So, sadly the park got bugged, and the menu-popup on the top right which appears when you select a ride or building, doesn't appear.

Nonetheless, the Rocktopus was constructed before hand, so here's a screenshot of that.

PlanetCoaster Lagoon shall be up and running again at a new location soon however!
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