Plant occupation

Hello Frontier, and zookeepers.

I do not understand why since today, I can't get "the occupation of plants" in the green.
I stay in the red, while the cursor is in the white bar ...
Is it because of the update?

Thank you for your help, I wish the welfare of my animals :confused:


EDIT : the 1.0.3 update correct that :) thank you
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It's me again... !

Today, it's broken again :-( can you patch this please ? i'm in career mode and i can't have a good welfare with that...

thank you
I had this problem with the german version. After I switched the game language to english the bar was shown correctly, even after switching back to german.
I think that has been like that since one of the recent patches .. it doesn't seem to affect the animal enough to worry about it but I suspect it is an inadvertant bug added when they were working on their bug fixing.
Yeah I was getting this all last night In Franchise mode. Couldn’t work out why even though it said 43% but the slider was near the bottom and red. But it was with all habitats so I assumed it must be a bug. Hopefully they fix it too soon. It didn’t seem to actually cause the animal any welfare issues.
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