[EMPIRE] Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd is now recruiting!

UPDATED ON Sept 15th, 2019

Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd, was incorporated by the grace of her Highness Aisling Duval for the purpose of prospecting and mining of rare earth and precious metals. Since the year of 3303 of Her Grace, the corporation focus on mining, trading, BGS and Powerplay. This is an Imperial Corporation, headquartered at Burgess Point, Paesia and operating a tight network of assets ad systems.

Cruising through Burgess Point, Paesia

What we are:
  • A relaxed PVE community
  • Playing on any platform: we have PC and PS4 and do wish to welcome XBox Associates as well
  • Welcoming you with your play style on your own time
  • An English speaking international group on Discord.
We do:
  • Mining (of course): standard and deep core in local or best known hotspots. Many experience to go and share...
  • Trading between a tight array of refinery, extraction, high tech and agricultural profitable markets.
  • BGS (Background Simulation) to maintain our network of systems and assets. To so so, combat & non-combat Associates are all welcomed!
  • Powerplay: pledged to Princess Aisling Duval, we are part of her support community and taking part of many actions to defend or expand Her domain.
Once again, we do welcome all platforms (PC, PS4, XBox) and all game styles to contribute to our overall goals. We also respect your time and do not have activity requirements or expectations: your time is yours... At the end, we like to hang out on Discord (voice and text), manage our faction and set ourselves fun goals.

Interesting in joining? Either reply to this thread or come to our Discord...

President of Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd
Burgess Point, PAESIA
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I am pleased to renew our invitation to apply and join our Corporate...

We do try to stress on activities to manage our local market values. As such, many types of activities are needed and appreciaited: mining, trade, bounty hunting or flat our running missions.

President of Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd
Platinum Imperia Tower
Burgess Point, Paesia
I've been in Platinum Imperia for a couple of weeks now, and I am enjoying my time here. Folks are helpful, knowledgeable, and fun to be around. Join up :D
What time zones are you most active in? I've been hanging around this area doing tons of missions for Platinum Imperia without knowing it was actually a player made faction. I think I may have seen a couple of you all from time to time around Paesia, Awa, Khan Gubii, Fer Doira, etc...
Hi Revaero,
And glad you been around our area and support our faction :)
A sizable chunk of our group is playing on american afternoon/evening times. Though activity can fluctuate and still find people at other time slots. I could only invite you to join our Discord and meet us all...


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Great, I'll check it out later today (I'm also US time zones, late day/evenings is usually when I can login as well).
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