[EMPIRE] Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd is now recruiting!

UPDATED ON Mar 27th, 2020

=NEW= Vice-President Sylvester Wolf is pleased to open his Office and offer access to missions to all Associates.
(A new bot offering a fun and easy way to interact with group actions in a flexible manner, at everyone's own pace)

Looking for: combat pilots to grow our Asset Protection department as well as people willing to take part in our BGS. This calls for anyone willing to trade, mine, missions or passengers to play as you like while still fulfilling common goals for the group!
Our Corporate is booming and growing. Come and join as an Associate of Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd!

Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd, was incorporated by the grace of her Highness Aisling Duval for the purpose of prospecting and mining of rare earth and precious metals. Since the year of 3303 of Her Grace, the corporation focus on mining, trading, BGS and Powerplay. This is an Imperial Corporation, headquartered at Burgess Point, Paesia and operating a tight network of assets ad systems.

Cruising through Burgess Point, Paesia

What we are:
  • A relaxed PVE community
  • Playing on any platform: we have PC and PS4 and do wish to welcome XBox Associates as well
  • Welcoming you with your play style on your own time
  • An English speaking international group on Discord.
We do:
  • Mining (of course): standard and deep core in local or best known hotspots. Many experience to go and share...
  • Trading between a tight array of refinery, extraction, high tech and agricultural profitable markets.
  • BGS (Background Simulation) to maintain our network of systems and assets. To so so, combat & non-combat Associates are all welcomed!
  • Powerplay: pledged to Princess Aisling Duval, we are part of her support community and taking part of many actions to defend or expand Her domain.

bgk top front page.jpg

Mining painite in the rings of Paesia 2

Once again, we do welcome all platforms (PC, PS4, XBox) and all game styles to contribute to our overall goals. We also respect your time and do not have activity requirements or expectations: your time is yours... At the end, we like to hang out on Discord (voice and text), manage our faction and set ourselves fun goals.

Interesting in joining? Either reply to this thread or come to our Discord...

President of Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd
Burgess Point, PAESIA
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I am pleased to renew our invitation to apply and join our Corporate...

We do try to stress on activities to manage our local market values. As such, many types of activities are needed and appreciaited: mining, trade, bounty hunting or flat our running missions.

President of Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd
Platinum Imperia Tower
Burgess Point, Paesia
I've been in Platinum Imperia for a couple of weeks now, and I am enjoying my time here. Folks are helpful, knowledgeable, and fun to be around. Join up :D
What time zones are you most active in? I've been hanging around this area doing tons of missions for Platinum Imperia without knowing it was actually a player made faction. I think I may have seen a couple of you all from time to time around Paesia, Awa, Khan Gubii, Fer Doira, etc...
Hi Revaero,
And glad you been around our area and support our faction :)
A sizable chunk of our group is playing on american afternoon/evening times. Though activity can fluctuate and still find people at other time slots. I could only invite you to join our Discord and meet us all...


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Great, I'll check it out later today (I'm also US time zones, late day/evenings is usually when I can login as well).
UPDATES as of Nov 15, 3305:

We are always looking to develop the economy of our core systems by means of trade or mining. Bounty hunting is also in demand to keep our assets safe and contribute to economical prosperity.

By such we are actively looking for:
  • Miners: as our markets grow and enter Investment, miners can sell locally their goods at highest galactic prices.
  • Traders: profitable trade are highly possible between our key markets through short one jump trips to and from various points of trade.
  • Bounty Hunters: by chasing wanted in our space and being rewarded in our key systems, you will contribute to maintain a high state of security.

This is a win win deal: your actions contribute to maintain a high standard of living in our territory, allowing you to make highest profits by doing what you like!

If you are interested to join our Corporate, apply here:

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/Cj5bqAy

Update of November 23, 3305:

We are in the process to boost some of our core systems in both economy and security. This with the aim to offer the highest buy price for your goods and support our mining production! By such, traders, miners and bounty hunters are still very much encouraged to apply for a position within our organization. We do welcome you regardless of your platform and your play style, we also value and respect your real life and you can play at your own pace and still contribute greatly to our operation!

Apply HERE (Discord) today!

For Platinum Imperia, in the name of Aisling Duval, glory to the Empire!
T'sanak, president
High Tech Rising....


Increasing equipment and workforce volume to match demands in high value mining goods is no longer a viable and sustainable option. Therefore Platinum Imperia Mining Inc, through its Research and Development Center (RDC), has launched several initiatives to levy high tech alternatives to remain ahead of the ongoing mining boom.

One of the most visible initiative was the acquisition of the Kitchang Mu system and its renown high tech industry. Stefansson Station, particularly, is the hub for encoded material trade and an unique incubator for start-ups specialized in Guardian Technology. In short terms, large investments are expected to develop Guardian based applications focused on the mining industry.

Lastly, President T’sanak, backed by the Board of Directors, is pressing to rationalize and create synergies between Kitchang Mu and its historical technological hub of Khan Gubii. Therefore, the former is logically added to District Alpha with Alpers City remaining district capital and siege of the RDC. There is hope to revitalize the district and foster investments to convert declining local conventional manufacturing into new tech businesses.

(Extract from an article published on the Alpers City Daily News)
Update of Feb 16th, 3306!

We, at Platinum Imperia, strive to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere within our Discord and in-game. We are, at the core, a peace oriented faction who like to mine, trade and do missions to maintain our little corner of space. So, we wish to call on YOU to join us, play as you like and still help our lil' group move forward, exchange and.... have fun!

Beyond peace business oriented actions, at times, comes the need to defend our assets or help law and order. We do also call pilots willing to becomes Associates and join our department of Asset Protection. While doing bounty hunting and various other combat actions, you help maintain peace and free trade within our territory and our neighbors!

Come join us today and meet our Associates!

President of Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd
Platinum Imperia Tower
Burgess Point, Paesia.
= Update of March 27th, 3306 =

Sylvester Wolf, Vice President of Platinum Imperia, is honored to inaugurate a new platform allowing all Associates to interact with the Corporate activity board! This tool is meant for all willing to participate to do it on their own pace and by doing what they like to do and consider fun...

Everyone at Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd invite you to come and visit us, meet us and hope you can call our group your Home in the Black!
(Discord: https://discord.gg/CpDqzXw)

President of Platinum Imperia Mining Ltd
Platinum Imperia Tower
Burgess Point, Paesia.
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