Played since Beta and just got my first ever Elite

I’ve also been playing since Premium Beta, and although I’ve been Elite in Exploration & Trade for a while now I can see you’re about 20% ahead of me in Combat 😅

I also share the slight shame of not making Elite in FE2 back in the day but I’m only a few weeks away from rectifying that, same as I did for original-flavour Elite last year 😁

As has already been said: Right On Commander!
Congratulations! My first Elite was in combat(after three years of playing since Beta) and I was pushing hard for it. I accidentally pulled two three ship wings (they were right next to each other in scan order and I wasn't paying attention). In the middle of a fight for my life I achieved Elite, but felt pretty darned stupid at the time.
I value the rank of Elite more for those players who didn't make the mistake of grinding for it like I did for Trade and Exploration, I will do it properly for Combat to honour those who forge their own path, like you.

Well done sir :)
Balanced game-play, not grinding, and forging my own path and I still love this game!
balanced gameplay is not a requirement. i'll probably never make trader elite, i have serious doubts about explorer elite, and i'm still having fun and love this game. the secret is proper dosage, vr and not having let the little child within die.

Can't wait for Odyssey!!
good for you. for me odyssey is 'yet-another-daft-idea-i'll-have-to-patiently-wait-out-until-something-real-drops', but i'm (very!) used to it already and having fun anyways.

congratulations for your promotion!
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