Player affecting factions even in Pvt and Solo

It is incorrect that players playing Solo and Private can alter the balance of Factions in a system.

This way people are not inactivated to play OPEN. This is a pity of course because one of the key performance of a Multi Mass Player Game is the chance of interacting with other players.

This is a major drawback of this game which I hope the developers team will pick up.


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In the Background Simulation and Scenarios stream the Devs were quite clear that the BGS is for all players, regardless of platform or game mode.

Frontier's stance on this topic does not appear to have changed since they originally published the design information for the game in November 2012.
What follows comes from a former Open zealot. I once thought as you did.

The modes system, and the effect it has on the BGS, is fundamentally baked into the vision of the game. While FDEV could change it, the likelihood of it is extremely low.

On the bright side, the more experience you get with the game and playing the BGS you'll find this isn't really that big of a problem. There are all kinds of ways to oppose your foes - no matter what mode they play in!
IF you want this fight I suggest you champion PP going open only as that may be a winnable fight.****
The BGS is for everyone.

*** If PP goes open only I hope they remove all PP targets littering my instance. I don't want things refering to features not in my game.
Don't forget the positives that some player factions would see from people like me in solo. Right now I'm based in the home system of one such group. I'm on PS4 and they're on PC so I've not been bothered contacting them. However, as they are almost always in boom, investment or expansion, their faction generally has the high paying missions, so I am doing some them small benefit in helping their bubble domination plans.

If I did decide to make a nuisance of myself, there's nothing they could do about it anyway due to the lack of cross play right now.
The BGS is for everyone.

Plus, there's no single server model so instancing means there's a good chance people in Open can operate without meeting other people in Open.
Plus the BGS is shared across platforms, so all three can be in Open, and not meet, due to lack of crossplay.

I support Open only PowerPlay, but it's not really possible to make the BGS open only, when everything a CMDR does effects the BGS.
I support Open only PowerPlay, but it's not really possible to make the BGS open only, when everything a CMDR does effects the BGS.
I remind myself often the BGS is "Background Simulation." Gaming it like we do is emergent and likely never intended.

Which is fine, but that means we've got to suck it up regarding the modes. We made our bed by playing it this way, time to lie in it and get on with the sexy rumpus!
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If they were forced into open, and you fought them with pvp, you would lose even more biggly than you do right now. PVP is not an effective use of time for the bgs.

Oh hang on, you allready know this, and dont actually care about bgs, you just want more people to provide your entertainment. Tough.
Can anyone guess what will happen if Solo and PG players are forced into Open play in order to take part in Power Play?
Until your last eight words I would have said lots of rage quitting, for the whole thing nothing significant outside changes in the distribution of salt in the forum.
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