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Erm... Did I say anything about the Federation in that submission that I didn't say about every other faction? Even if I had, does my pledge status mean I can't mention any faction outside the Empire in a positive or negative context?

I'm sorry if you disagree with what I wrote, but it's a story that I can envision taking place in the context of ongoing events. I personally disagreed with the Kumo Crew submissions taking full credit for Imperial turmoil while merely urinated in the ocean of Federation merits, but I didn't criticize any of those articles.

That's exactly what I wrote about. At no point did I say in my submission that the attacks were in the Munshin system. Rather I said they took place in "common jump-points to Munshin." I had absolutely no confirmation until you stated your focus has been on other systems, so thank you for validating my empty words.

Yes, I write from an Imperial perspective and have my own opinions of galactic politics. So what? Can we disagree while remaining respectful of each others professional work? Evidently not. This is the primary reason I'm distancing myself from /r/ElitePress (Interstellar Press), even though I'm a cofounder. I want Interstellar Press to succeed, and it's becoming increasingly clear that it can't while the taint of "Corrigendum" is associated with it.


Just read this. I think you took my tone completely wrong and I'm sorry for that!

What with death and misery being the staple of Galnet, I wrote this to bring some cheer. Its my love letter to the alpha and beta days of ED, wrapped up in some RP lovin', taking the mick out of alpha bugs and missions....and ending the mystery of the 'Bobblehead'......




Galnet, the truth must be told (or Jameson Memorial)!


Wicked Plastic


Until now the disappearance of the ‘Bobblehead’ from cockpits was a mystery, but declassified accident reports paint a dark side to these seemly friendly objects that were once a common sight.

An early example details a Bobblehead belonging to pilot Samuel Tarkin. The plastic figure floated free jamming his controls, causing him to boost his Sidewinder into Cleve Hubs docking port. Seconds before disaster, flight control received a single garbled transmission from Tarkin who simply screamed 'Toku!'. The resulting devastation was so severe all subsequent ships had engine boost disabled when inside stations.

Elsewhere, one enterprising assassin replaced the Christmas Tree Bobblehead of Mastopolos executive Lars Unwin with an explosive replica. When detonated it breached the canopy, sucking Unwin into space during an illegal mission to dump hazardous waste in an asteroid field.

However, the most famous account occurred when Kumo pirates discovered Federation squadrons would use Bobbleheads as ship mascots. During a battle to save the stricken Farragut warship FNS Impeccable, pirates secretly filled the innocent mascots with nerve gas. With the hapless pilot killed, Federation ships were seen to spiral endlessly into space and the Impeccable was lost as its defence fell apart.

With Bobblehead related deaths approaching the tens of thousands, the Pilots Federation finally issued a decree banning them from all jump capable ships, with one report concluding: “Bobbleheads pose the biggest single menace to pilot safety since Motrona Experience Jelly.”

Commander Gan

Jameson Memorial Review | Interstellar Press
Date: For immediate publication

Location: Toolfa

Title: The Buckyball Racers are coming to Toolfa


The flamboyant entrepreneur and showman Bump Barnum, who last made the news back in 3296 over his involvement in an illegal racing lawsuit by a local T6 pilot against notorious businesswoman Delia Grind, has teamed up with the Buckyball Racing Club to promote a new race entitled "The Bump'n'Grind Outpost Dash". The race, running for two weeks commencing 26.09.3301, will involve a circuit of Outpost landings on the borders of Zachary Hudson / Felicia Winters controlled space, starting out from Crook Hub in the Toolfa system. Although neither party leader was available for comment, representatives have stated that racing endangers the lives of participants and innocent bystanders alike and should not be encouraged.

The Buckyball Race, which last featured in Galnet back in May when Pilots broke the galactic record for the fastest flight time to Sagittarius A*, has been running under new management since July following the mysterious disappearance of its founding member. One participant, Cmdr Alec Turner (the source of this information), stated "although the name has changed the ethos and spirit of the original Buckyball run remains. If you think you've got what it takes then we'll see you in Toolfa on the 26th. And If you don't, then I suggest you stand well back!".


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DATE: Not urgent

LOCATION: Galnet, or Gyvatiges

TITLE: Voting for a Change in Gyvatiges

DESCRIPTION: Citizens of Gyvatiges are called to the ballots this week to decide the fate of the system. The communistic Gyvatiges Citizen Party is currently in charge, but are they ready to share power with Federation-aligned Union of Gyvatiges Green Party?

Green Party leader Sef Jillson’s political ad sends a clear message at Patsayev Enterprise : "The Citizen Party has done well in the past, but today our efforts alone aren’t enough to secure our homes. That’s why we should look towards the Federation.”

The Citizen Party’s leader Logan Stewart remains confident despite polls predicting his party's defeat in the elections: “Gyvatiges is safe as long as it stays out of galactic politics. We’ll see what the voters think of sharing our wealth with the Federation if Jillson gets his term in office.”

The barrel of a gun is a method used all too often across the galaxy to enact change in who controls a system's stations, but not in Gyvatiges. The future might be uncertain here, but at least it comes from the ballot box.

Commander Sitoutumaton

Regulus Observer | Interstellar Press
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DATE: For immediate publication

TITLE: War on Yembo won by Independents!

DESCRIPTION: The Wonneriti Resistance, backed up by the Federation have failed to take over the Yembo system. Supported by Elysium Corp., the Bureau of Yembo Justice party managed to destroy many fighter vessels and routed eight Farragut class battle cruisers in the course of four days. The independent factions fought with such ferocity that the Wonneroti Resistance was forced to sign a cease fire on the fifth day of the war.

"We where fighting for our freedom, our right to determine the where, when and how of our lives" reported CEO of Elysium Corp. "The Yembo system has always been our home from the creation of Elysium Corp and we'd like it to stay that way, free of any masters be that Federation, Alliance or Empire"

Elysium Corp also brought in many supplies in the system in an effort to help ease the hardship of war to the people of Yembo and to support the war effort of the Bureau of Yembo Justice party.
When asked to comment the director of the Department of Commerce said "Our traders and smugglers worked round the clock to manage this, risking their lives for Yembo and our future".

It seems that more and more minor factions have taken the road of resistance to the expansion of the great powers of human space and trouble is forming on the horizon of time.

CMDR Desposa

Elysium Press
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This has been published in Deneb Algedi. I had to give "Mr Kilrain" an initial, just to help with the flow. I hope that's okay!
Youre the Editor in Chief my friend! So long as the initial was a "K" as established in the previous article!
I'd like to take a moment and add my gratitude on top of everyone else's for the wonderful work you are doing here, and for all the players who send in the articles. This is really awesome stuff.
The Code have sent this via an encrypted channel:

Date: For Immediate Publication

Location: Galnet, if not, Eravate: Russell Ring

Title: The Code relaunches "Operation Robin Hood"


The piracy organization known as “The Code” launched another rendition of "Operation Robin Hood" in the Eravate region yesterday. The operation has attracted Galactic attention, drawing bounty hunters in pursuit of the pirates’ bounties.

CMDR DigitalMandalorian the Quartermaster of The Code provided this statement:

"Rumor is that older and wealthier members of the Pilot's Federation have taken an interest in taking their A-Class Anacondas, Pythons, and luxury-liner Orcas to the LHS 3447 region, to taunt the newer and poorer members. We decided to make a visit to the parts of the galaxy where these fat-cats make their credits and we... humbled them. We will distribute 100% of our piracy income in the form of Gold, Palladium, Imperial Slaves, Rare Goods, and other highly sought after commodities to the new members of the Pilot's Federation over the next few days. New pilots, it may be your lucky day. Just make sure you have cargo space."

To judge the merits of the operation we spoke to Alana Patel, a worker aboard Russell Ring, an Orbis Starport located in Eravate.

"Operation Robin Hood? Yeah, I've heard of it. I heard a loud bang while taking inventory yesterday; apparently a newer pilot was having trouble docking his Sidewinder and accidentally released all the cargo from his ship. Two tons of stolen Palladium came crashing down on landing pad 19. These newer pilots may be richer but that won't make them any smarter."

CMDR DigitalMandalorian

The Privateer l Interstellar Press
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Date: As soon as convenient

Location: Ideally galactic but Eotienses will do

Title: Eotienses Citizens Petition Universal Cartographics


This morning the citizens of Eotienses presented a petition, which has for the past ten days been gaining in support and popularity in the star system, to Cynthia Sideris, chairwoman of Universal Cartographics, and to the Office of Imperial Records. The petition requests that the twinned planets of Eotienses A 3 and A 4 – the former the system’s only habitable world, the latter in the process of ongoing terraforming – be renamed “Opal” and “Lazuli” respectively.

One signatory, who accompanied the presentation of the petition, stated: “Universal Cartographics may have the planets listed as Eotienses A 3 and A 4, but locals have known them as Opal and Lazuli for decades. It was common even in my grandparents’ day. It is our request that Universal Cartographics look favourably on our petition and formalise the native appellations into the official records.”

Chairwoman Sideris responded that the petition would be looked at in due course and given all consideration.

Cmdr Stateira "Starcloak" Eleshenar
Sentient Life | Interstellar Press



Note: although other changes are also discussed in that thread, at this time we are ONLY asking FD to consider the name change, if you would be so kind. We feel that Eotienses is one of the Empire's central systems, and should have at least a little unique feature to it. We have checked to see if the names "Opal" and "Lazuli" are used elsewhere for any other planet or system, and they are not. Should it please FD, Patreus pledgers would be thrilled to have Eotienses A 3 renamed "Opal" and Eotienses A 4 renamed "Lazuli". Oh FDevs please look kindly upon our humble suggestion! :)
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Date: The new PP cycle

Location: Galnet

Title: Operation Uranus Renewed


Several weeks ago the Kumo Crew launched Operation Uranus in an effort to broaden the Pirate War. Since then, further raids have been made deep into Imperial space with varying degrees of success but with one result. The safety of the average Imperial Citizen has been threatened.

This week Archon himself has broadcast his intent to revisit the systems where it all began and bring a powerful force to undermine a powerful enemy: Senator Patreus. While Munshin is watched over by commanders supporting Aisling, and has the eyes of the galaxy upon it, the Pirate King hopes that security elsewhere has become lax. The now familiar revolving target strategy is keeping the Empire on its toes as they keep one eye on the next Emperor and another on the Pegasi border.

Patreus has spent the last few weeks expanding his influence and once again rumors of turmoil abound in the outer systems. The Kumo Crew knows their lethal black market network of alcohol, narcotics and slaves is dependent upon expansion, and they believe the systems of Patreus are once more ripe for the taking.

submitted on behalf of CMDR Mikalus
I just read the GalNet article by Quade "PIRATES TARGET PEGASI REFUGEES". Unless this is some prelude to Archon and his minions being banished from the game, I have to say I'm surprised FD allowed it into print.

"Reports are pouring in from the Amitrite system of pirate attacks on refugees fleeing the Pegasi Pirate War. The transports pouring from the Pegasi sector are often overloaded and poorly equipped, making them easy prey for the pirates."

I'm no pirate but being a pirate was supposed to be a legit path to follow I thought. Archon, no matter how despicable most of us think he is, has as much right to push his agenda as Hudson, Duval, or Mahon. By printing this in GalNet that group is now cast as terrorists and murderers instead of dastardly pirates. That seems unfair to me. Before, If I wanted to play as a pirate I could fancy myself as a cargo redistribution specialist. Now, I'd be just thrown in with murderers. If I've missed some important plot point, I'm sorry. Otherwise this is a calamitous remapping of an entire role playing class.
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Would it be possible to add the ability to read GalNet whilst out in the black? It would be nice to see if there is any news in a system whilst on the way there.
Release date: As soon as possible
Location: OR Delphini
Title: The White Templars resisting Archon Delaine.

A group known as the White Templars have reportedly been assisting the resistance forces in OR Delphini, a system Archon Delaine has attempted to expand his influence into.
“Operation Tsunami was mobilized to answer the request of local government and law enforcement in OR Delphini, and consisted of seven wings working in a coordinated effort to shut down Kumo Crew activity in the system,” a White Templar spokesperson said, refusing to give his name. “We suffered no losses during the operation and faced little resistance.”
While it is unclear what the exact number of losses were for the Kumo Crew forces, the Templars believe they delivered a heavy blow to the pirate band.
“This demonstrates that when innocent groups call out for help to resist oppression, help will come. Let us hope this war soon comes to an end, so peace and prosperity can yet again return to these systems.”
Commander Pierre916 Liaedin Chronicle | Interstellar Press
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