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Brett C

Greetings Commanders,

Thanks everyone for sending over your applications to our player groups and minor factions! Over the past few months we’ve added hundreds of you to our database! It’s been really exciting stuff. We’ve had a busy few months, and that has slowed our process, so unfortunately we have seen some delays in processing requests. With that being said, I’m going to add a few posts below on getting everything up to par and everyone up to speed with where we are at and how the process functions for player groups and minor factions going from this point onward.

To submit a group and minor faction, please see:
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Brett C

Is it okay if we use someone from the current lore as our Faction Leader, or does the Leader have to be made up entirely?
Sadly not, it's best for the leader to be a new character.

Where can we setup shop system wise, can we inhabit a system outside of the current Inhabited Human Space and colonize planets and become a power that way? Would there be repercussions for doing so?
It needs to be an inhabited system already. That could be one far out, but that would make it very difficult to expand as expansion requires the system to be populated. We would advise picking a system within the bubble.

Would we be able to claim a controlling/major station if we were to house ourselves in an NPC occupied system? If not, would we start at an outpost?
Newly introduced player groups will start with a low influence in their selected system, and will have to work to take control of that system.

Would we be able to form allegiances with active Major Factions as protection until we grow to a significant point? Likewise, could we resist a Major Faction the same way Lugh was able to fend off the Federation?
They can be part of one of the three superpowers, or independent. This would work in the same way minor factions do now.

Will Minor Factions/ Powers have alternate methods of expansion than the current Top 10 Powers? Say, Anarchists spreading through cop-killing, Democrats via elections, etc.
The mechanisms will be the same as the current powers.

Will Player Submitted Galnets look Similar or different when compared to the standing Powers and the current lore of the game? If so, can we have something to tell the difference between the current Player-Submitted stuff and the real Lore of this game?
All player submitted stories have the commander name at the bottom.

If there are two minor faction applications in the running for the same system, what will determine who gets the system in question? Will it be first-come-first-serve?
It will be on a first come, first serve basis. With exception of groups making a claim on an existing minor faction which will go through a more rigorous check with the developers.

Do we need to participate as power in powerplay, or can we just hold the faction aspect?
You do not need to become a power :)

There is talk of 'Freedom Fighter' roles. How will this affect a groups ability to 'carve out' a place in the bubble?
It could be used to counter a power's emergence, but this is not planned in the near future

Once a group ascends to Power will the group be a controlled entity by the founders of that group....or will the group be added to PP and be a PP Power, and basically become a Community 'owned' asset?
It's added to powerplay and operates in the same fashion as the other powers.

Can you discuss or lay out how player stories are expected to work? What CG's are available to the groups? What the frequency of CG's insertion would be for groups? Should they be used as modes of moving the story...or as culminating activities to a series of group actions, activities, reports?
GalNet stories are submitted in the usual fashion. CGs have to be approved, we'll look at providing more detailed guidelines in the future, but the main issue would be using CGs to directly boost a minor faction's influence or for doing things that could otherwise be done through the background sim. They can be used for story purposes, or as a call to arms or to develop a system.

The details on submitting a CG are on the main thread, linked to from the first post

As an example...a BGS Civil War breaks out. The group thinks a refugee exodus should occur based on the outcome of the war. They fight the war, get their outcome, the exodus occurs. Do we expect the exodus to be a quick report in Galnet (maybe with some RP by the group to move consumer items to a different system) or would this warrant a Trade CG within the new system to exemplify the movement of people and goods to that system (and could a CG be injected quickly enough to retain it's relevance to the story)?

It could work either way. How quickly a CG can be added depends on a number of factors and would be dealt with on a case by case basis.

If a group is already backing a minor faction, will it be possible to have that factions name changed to what the group chooses, or will every group get a fresh minor faction to build up?
If it's already backing a minor faction then the minor faction remains as is, if they want a new name then they need a new minor faction.

If we choose a minor faction, would we be able to say who they were hostile / friendly / neutral / have a non aggregation pact etc. with them?
Not specifically except by agreement with other player groups.

Can our faction be apolitical where we are friendly with all main powers, as a apolitical / non-political groups like the FGE and the Fuel rats or do we have to be hostile to one or more of the main powers?
That's up to player group and any arrangements they make with other groups. The superpower alignment defines how they will be treated by the superpowers, minor factions can be independent, but that does not guarantee safety from the superpowers or powers.

I imagine there will be really interesting player led political affiliations and develpoments

How does adopting an existing minor faction work. Will you fill out the same details but the whole minor faction will change into your groups minor faction name and details? Or will it just show as you're supporting them?
The minor faction details would not change, it would just be recorded that they have been adopted by a player group.

How is that going to happen? One day you release a server update and *poof* two dozen systems suddenly have a different owner that popped out of nowhere?
The minor factions would be added in batches through a server update as they are processed.

Due to the nature of the galaxy will the new minor factions be seen on both Xbox and PC/mac. The EDC has a very diverse group of members on different platforms who want to work together.
The minor factions are the same for all platforms.

Is there a limit to the name in terms of size and words. I take it calling the faction Elite Dangerous is a bit silly as would be Facebook group. Is EDC or FBEDC allowed?
The abbreviations shown in the examples would be fine, using Elite Dangerous wouldn't.

Can we declare our minor faction as independent and neutral to all of the PP factions? We want to be the Switzerland of Elite and let everyone be apart of our minor faction and not keep getting enemy status on every passing ship.
You can declare it, but you would need to enforce it.

Is it okay if we don't have a faction leader at all? Would be important to communist factions.
Having no leader at all is perfectly fine.

If our request are refused by developers, will we be warned and will we be able to adjust our proposal to be compliant?
Within reason yes, but it isn't a debate and our decision will be final.
Can you go into more detail concerning the following quote?

Will Minor Factions be able to create their own Modules? If so, what can we base our ideas on and what are we limited by?
Ideally yes – we would look for suggestions and then balance them.
Would we be able to claim a controlling/major station if we were to house ourselves in an NPC occupied system? If not, would we start at an outpost?
As long as there isn't a player sponsored group in that system already then you will be the controlling faction for that system.

So what does a minor faction get me in Elite Dangerous?
- Your minor factions name will show up in a system of your choosing along with the description provided. In addition, you will have to manage your minor factions economy within the system.
- Minor factions will be added with low influence on the system, you will be required to build up your influence.

So, which statement is correct? :)
The player faction is injected as the controlling faction, or is it injected as a low influence faction?
Thank You for the forms and update. I can't seem to find the list of approved groups. Has it been moved and if so where?
New updated form looks fab,

If anyone was to edit their minor faction application mid way IE, if it was sent in and then X amount of weeks later something was to be changed/edited or if the Devs requested something be changed do you have to re-submit completely or just email in the proposed/requested changes?

1: how long before it will be put in (estimate if no set time)?
2: will we start the co trolling faction or will we have to take over the system and every station?

Brett C

1: how long before it will be put in (estimate if no set time)?
2: will we start the co trolling faction or will we have to take over the system and every station?

1: Depends on our current work load. Giving estimates unfortunately doesn't end well for me. :(
2: The system and associated stations if i recall correctly. The percentage of influence is intentionally set low.
This is something that was a direct copy and paste from our previous groups/minor factions thread FAQ's (apart from color/formatting changes). I will ask Zac for clarification on the subject.

Theres a BGS livestream today. Perhaps you could sneak that in for one of the questions?
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