Playstation 5: Confirmed backwards compatibility

Looking forward to the new console. Though it hasn't been officially named "PS5", most likely it will be.
PS5 always looks like PSS to me. They could call it Playstation Endgame LOL. It may actually be Sony's last console, if companies can crack streaming games over the Internet like Google Stadia promises to do. The lifetime of a console is a long time in Internet years, so it's very possible that advances in networking will allow this by the time the "PS5" sunsets.
While things are heading towards Streaming, I think Console gaming still has loads of life left.

Regardless, it's like shooting nerds in a barrel. We are in the barrel, Sony has the shotgun. :D

While things are heading towards Streaming, I think Console gaming still has loads of life left.
The PS3 has been supported for over 10 years, so if PS-5 releases in 2020, that'll take us to 2030 assuming Sony maintains this life cycle and doesn't engage in a console 'arms race' with Microsoft (Lord, I hope not). It's actually one of the things I like about console gaming - the longevity of the hardware. Point being, a whole lot can happen in network technology in 10 years. Heck, maybe even I will have decent Internet by then thanks to my buddy Elon Musk!
Funny, when they were launching Starlink, I was thinking of you Duck. No more borrowing a cup of Internet.

Eventually, I can see physical media as a thing of the past. It's already happened to music. There are of course, always the die hards, but for the most part, it's all about Digital now and even more so Streaming (something I have to yet embrace myself).

Consoles do have a long life but with advances, most likely the PS5 will be the first adaptable one, like I've said, we will find out!

Everything frontier has done over the last year screams immensely of frontier not wanting any attention on elite, from players or anywhere, and i do think the air is out the balloon for frontier and elite dangerous.

But back when this wasn't so apparent.. it made so much sense.. There are pretty much less than 5 showcase vr titles on psvr at the moment.. if you can even call them that. A massive swarm of people with psvr headsets with nothing to do could be a huge bump for frontier and sony too who are still sweating a bit about the psvr being a dud.. (if their frequent surveys are anything to go by).

But reality is a bit different, frontier don't care, elite is too hard / wont be done lobotomized to get it running at 60fps and who knows what sony wants.

How long was elite one of the main showcase apps for vr on pc? umm dunno. All we know is silence, and hype cycles for other horses in the stable.
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