Please fix how information is presented in the transactions tab.

I've finally spent some time running VIP missions and I have to say the presentation on information needs some work.

Time left is not shown for VIP missions in the main transactions view; is this a bug?

When we click through to the mission details, we have information in the wrong order:

  1. "You will receive payment upon successful delivery" and "Safe travels, commander xxx" should be at the end if it really must be there at all.
  2. The Destination and Time left should be next if it can't be on the top level of the Transaction tab.
  3. Passenger traits are fine I guess since the main one although secretive and wanted should be on the top level of the transaction tab, underneath the description although the Illegal passenger warning on the main UI is good.
  4. The mission rewards can be much lower.

Speaking of mission rewards, both source and destination rep levels should be shown before we pick our reward!

Basically I should be able to glance at the transaction tab and see which missions I have, where they need to go to and how long is left to do it. The current implementation doesn't allow that without lots of tedious scrolling. Please fix.
Yes, I've been doing a lot of these missions recently, definitely needs the mission timer more easily visible.[yesnod]
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