Please make ship paints afgordable

I recently looked at painting my ships. The Arks required are thousands! So can there be another way to get my ship repainted? Perhaps based on rank or buy it with your in game credits?
You can get up to 400 free ARX a week as a result of in-game activities, which works out as a basic paint every couple of weeks, or a more complex one every month. Depending on how many ships you regularly fly and what colour(s) you want them, that might be more than enough (is for me)

There are a few cosmetics - mainly decals, but occasionally other things - which you can get entirely in-game: complete the tutorial, for an example, or check at the Tech Broker. There's also a set of rank decals which you get access to as your trade, combat and exploration ranks increase.
Wife called it a sad addiction, but at least it's quiet out in space, no one can hear you scream!😜
Your wife should be happy when you play ED. I remember what the wife of a friend of mine said about his gaming time: at least with him and the games i know where he is. He's up at the computer, playing games. Not out at a bar, drinking, picking up other women or getting into trouble.
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If you put a tiny bit of money in you can get some pretty nice paint. All things considered they're pretty abbourgouibble - you can pay a little and get it now, or wait a while and get one later.
what spoils my immersion is that you don't see NPCs rocking anything other than the standard colours apart from the occasional search and rescue orange asp.
Honestly though, I’ve hit the free 400 cap each week bar one and purchased £5’s worth of ARX. I have a couple of thousand left over. Lack of stuff to buy would be my issue, not cost.
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