Please, Please, Please. Buff CQC Experience and Credits.

With my compulsion I really want to get Elite in CQC. Sitting at 28% Hero seems like it will take an eternity to get there. Maybe people would play it more if it made more credits or you ranked up faster?
Just wouldn't really harm anything by tweaking the numbers to making it a bit more profitable. I've played for over 5 days playtime and earned less than the value of one Void Opal. Getting to Level 50 should be worth like 50 million at minimum. IDK. I feel like I may be talking into the abyss here.
There's nothing wrong with the experience curve, I think - you get there eventually, and it's better to have it there as a long-term goal than to have it be like Trade Elite where you can get it in a day. If you focus on the prestige ranks instead while they last that gets you a fair bit into Legend.

Payouts, on the other hand, could easily have a couple of zeroes added to the end and still not be unbalanced - I got to CQC Elite with total earnings of about 16 million, I think.
Maybe make don't make it a complete separate system from the main game..... that requires you to exit to menu and wait hours for a single match....

Just spitballing here FD.... You can take notes.
Experience and rank progression is fine. It requires some effort to get Elite rank in CQC (it took me 3 months to get mine, usually it takes people about 6 months). All Elite ranks should be like that, but instead you get Trade Elite in a day and Exploration Elite in a week these days. Combat Elite probably doesn't take that long with Thargoid scouts to farm easily these days either.

CR for playing CQC on the other hand is very low. I wouldn't mind if it was a bit higher. I've earned total 65 mln CR for 8 weeks in CQC.
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Ah love a good CQC thread.

Agree with OP also put it in the main game and allow a game mode where you can use your current ship config.
CQC should be in the game itself. There are adverts in stations for Buckyball races...a player created event yet there is nothing for their own CQC's bizarre and I really don't get it.

I've played a few games but the wait time for a match these days is ridiculous. The last few times I tried to get a game I gave up after 15 mins of waiting and I've stopped bothering.

There should tournaments and prizes for the winners / runners up not to mention the kudos. There should be a number of CQC hubs / stadiums you can visit and spectate. You could have regional tourneys with heats, the winners of which go onto a "finals".

There should be practice modes with bots just for fun available in most developed starports....the possibilities are huge.

As for credits and exp...not sure but if credits boost player numbers then fine, xp is a different issue but again double xp weekends seems like a good idea.

FDev....get CQC into your's been over 4 years since this went live.
They offered real prize money and nobody showed. They organized a trophy event and there was less interest than a US 10 year bond yield. it's dead. Move on.


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I'd love some love for CQC it's a lot of fun when you're playing with mates.
Not everyone has access to engineers
Strictly not everyone who plays CQC has access to anywhere to spend credits either (there are still a few people out there with Arena standalone accounts)

Many materials can be used for synthesis or traded for ones which can be without the need for Horizons.
Maybe make don't make it a complete separate system from the main game..... that requires you to exit to menu and wait hours for a single match....
Smart thing would be to implement a CQC Queueing system within the main game like many MMORPGs I play have for PVP. You sign up, carry on playing, and then when a match is ready, it shifts you to the CQC lobby.
Greater rewards, with zero risk?
Seems legit.
That's my biggest irk with CQC, no risk.
Hurt ego?

But seriously 65 mln CR for 8 weeks in CQC and 60k kills is a bit low reward.
One mining evening with NO risk whatsoever gives more CR.

FDevs haven't even added decals for Quad Elite players.. no paint job for that either. It would be nice gesture from them for those hardcore players that actually make effort to get all 4 Elite ranks. But there is nothing there.
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