Please reconsider fleet carriers for solo players.

Okay I’ll be that person :)

Given the delay, is there any chance the design team could reconsider making some form of fleet carrier available for solo players (ie, not tied to being in a squadron?). Solo players have long run out of progression systems, and the idea of building and maintaining a small mobile station... would at least make the only new content for this year not be invisible to at least the 2.8 percent of us that play solo.

Thanks for reading at least.

Ps. The rest of the new changes sound great, but I’m not a new player and already have all the cosmetics I need for 3 accounts. Something new that I can actually use would be great.
I'm not a Solo player, I play in a Private Group moast of the time, but I do play alone. I've never Winged up, and have no interest in Squadrons as I find myself unable to dedicate large amounts of time to the game, so feel my continued absence would be unfair on wing-mates or squadron members. As such this update contains literally nothing of interest to me. I am unlikely to ever use a Fleet Carrier, I have all the skins I'm interested in, and an alternative in-game currency is just..."meh"...

I'd rather they held off any updates until next year and then actually added gameplay value. You just know getting a Fleet Carrier is just going to involve a ton of grind as that seems to be the only game mechanic they understand. I'm with you in that I would rather see an update with things veteran players can use or benefit from.

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If Fleet Carriers are placed behind a "you must have a number of Squadron members to unlock purchase" wall then I'll assemble my altCMDRs for any Solo Squadron that wishes to purchase a Carrier (subject to the Squadron already being able to afford it).

As I understood previous statements, a Squadron would retain its assets until the point of disbandment - even if there was only a single member.
Personally, I don't see why not, and with an alt account it should be simple to do in any case as mentioned.

The problem might be more the quantity of materials/cost required to use it solo? Jumps will surely be expensive, a decent sized squadron might be necessary to really use it effectively?

We will see.
what would be the point of sologrinding a fleet carrier?

you have to collect fuel for every jump. you have to stock it. you have to grind for upkeep and maintenance. getting anywhere would take hundreds of time longer and take more work.

it would be like playing the game with a boat anchor around your neck. Im pretty sure itll be lile that for squadrons too but for a single player......yikes.
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I suspect that fleet carriers will be for squadrons only. In a game like ED it makes little sense for solo players to have a fleet carriers. If is true that you will need a certain amount of materials to get the thing to jump, then I can't see a single player grinding for days or weeks for those materials for one single jump.

If anything it will be a static ship that can only have a single ship in it.

If you just want a place to store all of your ships, then it looks like player bases are coming which maybe a better option.
What we need really is a "fleet" carrier for exploring. I think what most of us solo players think is having a fleet carrier you can bring out into the black as a kind of base of operations that you can bring with you as you go deeper in is very very appealing. Especially if it allows you to refuel and repair etc
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First of all I'm very curious to know the jump range and the quantity of materials required. If they require commodities or manufactured materials bye bye explorers fleet carrier!
I can't wait to see how this turns out if these are more combat oreinted and really only offer anything worthwhile to "squads" I dare say we may see very little of them out there and I dare say Frontier will have put lots of work into something most people will not use.

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First of all I'm very curious to know the jump range and the quantity of materials required. If they require commodities or manufactured materials bye bye explorers fleet carrier!

If we're really lucky, it will require to be filled with hydrogen fuel that could be scooped by any ship suitably outfitted and deposited into the Carrier's tanks.
If FD were imaginative (which I am sure they are !), the Fleet Carriers could be modular ..... have a basic small number of pads and expand up to a maximum level as required. That way, small squadrons or even individuals might afford them.

Would be great but by all reports Fdev do not want to do this and want it to be for squads only and for large groups of people to play with.
I'm not optimistic that this will be anything that will benefit anyone not part of a squadron.

The unanswered question remains: Is this a carrier for multiple CMDR's to board with one ship. or will this have the capability for one CMDR to transport multiple ships?

I'm assuming it's multiple CMDR's each flying a single ship, which means I'm out as I don't join groups or fly with others. I fly in Open, but I don't do wings anymore or work with others. I would guess that there are many others like myself, for whom Fleet Carriers will just be another "feature" we won't use.
Yeah so an alt would be enough to give you permission to own a carrier. That's why only one squadron per player.

I predict the popular systems will get clogged with these things, or they will code it so that only squadron members or wingmates get the instance tag within a system.

If my hypothesis is right, no pvp can occur within carrier instances.

FDEV may work it so that there are optional scenarios for fleet carrier squads, gaining mats, money or squad standing.

I would really like to see data about what percentage of the players belong to a squad with more that 3 people.
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