Please release the Gold Mascot and the Golden Avatar Hat as buyable DLCs on Steam


Hello, I feel so bad preordering RCTW instead of Planet Coaster back in 2016, worst investment I've made so far :( So since then I bought Planet Coaster on Steam, but I missed the pre order bonuses, I love DLCs that released since, but I was wondering if someday the pre-order bonuses will be made available again as a buyable DLC maybe.
Those bonuses were:
-gold mascot
-golden avatar hat
-digital sketchbook.
As I know the soundtrack is available on the frontier store but the rest isn't so I'd love to see them again on Steam :)
I believe that if it's buyable, it wouldn't bother those who pre-ordered as they would have got it for free back then, hope it could be done !
Thanks :)
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