Please remove ride reputation from challenge mode

Hi devs,

Thanks for the new update, the new effects and scenery look great. I also love the changes made to the park menu, then overhaul of the staff page etc is excellent and makes management much slicker.

However, I really dislike the ride reputation. It has basically made the challenge mode non playable for me. I want to play on a hardish setting, I want my profits tight and my progress slow and profits on a thin edge. However, I don't want to have to constantly check and change the prices on areas I have already "completed".

Maybe there can be a check box to remove this feature if other people are enjoying but for me, as I say, it has ruined the game.

I have played 160 since it was released... what a month ago.

The last two days I have logged in and can't get more than half an hour into a game before logging. Please don't kill this game for me so early, I was having so much fun.

Also, I only live down the road from you guys so if you don't fix this I'm going to come down to your offices and stand outside mooning you all day!!! ;)