Please slow down the time speed of the game.

This has been a major issue to a lot of us during our gameplays of the beta, and now of the full game. As of now, the time speed is still 3 days per second. According to surveys, most players want around 10 seconds per day, with some wanting more. Animal lifespans can't be extended much without becoming unrealistic if they don't change the time speed, and right now your animals die too fast to form a bond with them. I may add that the time speed needs to be slowed down significantly, as small changes won't be nearly enough
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I fully agree with this, it stopped me from playing the beta, and it stops me from fully enjoying playing the game now. I otherwise have very little remarks because the game is beautiful, but this is a big one to me. I really would like to bond with the animals, but as I move from one side to the map to the other, a week has passed. I constantly have to pause the game to feel like I'm still on top of things. I know that there is supposed to be some form of challenge, but this makes the whole experience so stressful. I really hope this will be changed in the future!
Agreed, I only started playing one of the scenarios and I've noticed it's the same as in the Beta. I don't want to play the Franchise mode until it's adjusted. I was hard to keep track of everything in a small zoo (constant fighting due to too many animals etc.), so it will be a nightmare in a bigger one, so I think I will stick to sandbox now.
Agree. I really hope that this might be addressed in a future patch to provide the option to slow down the passage of time substantially.

Just to be clear, I have no problem with the rate at which things break down, animals need feeding or anything else, only with the rate at which years go by and animals age, reproduce and die. I think the game is generally fantastic but the passage of time is waaaay too fast, even at the slowest setting. This is an issue for me for two primary reasons:

1: Short-lived animals die before you have time to bond with them, making it feel as if you're running an animal production facility rather than a zoo with animals that have personalities and histories.

2: Decades pass in just a few weeks - before long we'll have 500-year old zoos which is just weird.
I completely agree. There were many threads in beta just about time. So I was hoping that something else was unfortunately not. I totally agree that I will not use the game at a fast pace at all. I don't live with animals at all. Fast dying fast birth. I love this game and time was the biggest pain for beta. I'm sad that nothing happened. They can keep the current speed, but for players who want to enjoy it could add a slower nothing would matter. Unfortunately, the slowest is too fast second and third stage may not even be there because the game is basically too fast. I'm sorry they didn't add any slower speed because the feedback on time in the beta was great and there was no change at all
The really confusing this is that the speed now, is the same as beta, which was the same speed as the game was during livestreams. And yet Frontier said during the livestreams that time was sped up for testing/streaming purposes.
This, and I'm glad I'm not the only one remembering that. But then again they also told us we'd have more animal interaction in the full game and we don't. So...
Yesssssss. I honestly don't even feel like playing at all even after being so excited for release. I have many other issues with the game but this is probably the only one that is an absolute deal-breaker for me if it doesn't improve.

The time issue is blowing up over on Steam too; Here's a link to what is currently the most upvoted review, and the 100+ comments are still piling up as I type this, many of which stating they'll hold off from buying unless it's changed:

This review did get a developer "response" but it completely side-stepped the actual point and... honestly just comes off as condescending with that last part. As if the guy you just acknowledged has played 60+ hours doesn't know that there's a pause button.....
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