Completed Popcorn sign (and tutorial)

Not a character sign this time, just a simple popcorn sign. It's made to resemble the other simple food signs already in game, like the hamburger, taco, fries, and pizza, and the large version matches them in size. I also made smaller versions.



Workshop links:

I made them as part of a tutorial series on putting together simple signs for the Toolkit. The last video isn't up yet, but I'm hoping to have it done no later than next Monday. I'll update this list when it's ready. (Edit: Added links for the rest of the tutorial)

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Thank you! I'm glad the tutorials are helpful, I always worry about whether I'm explaining things in a way that makes sense. :)
I am a German and English is not my native language. So, when I understand your tutorial well, then you were explaining everything well. ;)
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