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i love tracking this park, but just curious why its in this forum category and not the "parks" category???
New update loaded with news.
Construction of a wooden coaster called Stampida that is divided into two colors blue and red whose travel is realized practically in the same time.
Progress is made in Far West with the construction of the main square of this area where various buildings are located with games, the carousel and the entrance to Stampida. I have recreated the games in as much detail as possible simulating the soccer goal, baskets ...
In addition, a part of the main street and the partial installation of the show Fort Frenzee is realized. It is worth noting the construction of "The Old Steak House" and the terraces that are located next to this building.

General view of PortAventura

Far West

Buildings within the square of the Far West


Entrance to Stampida

The Old Steak House

Terrace next to The Old Steak House

Let's go with a great update. It recreates the queue area of Stampida and the exit zone of the wooden coaster.
The entrance area consists of a common path for both colors until there is a point where the visitor has to choose a color, red or blue, a point there, the paths separate until reaching the coaster station.

General view

Entrance to Stampida

Common path

The guest has to choose a color

Red or blue

Red or blue

Sight from queue

Coaster station

Exit from the coaster



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Nice recreation of PortAventura! I especially like the wooden duelling coasters and the scenery around them.

I have moved this thread to Community Creations > Parks and Saved Games.
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Love all of the screens for this...looking forward to the release of the park. Keep up the amazing work, I can not wait to download this, wish I could build like this. Awesome
Let's go with a great update. The Fort Frenzee show is completed by performing the steps and the surroundings of the stage. In addition the station of the transport train (Penitence Station) is completed and "Photo Wanted" is installed to take out some self-portraits, the Saloon is built and the buildings that are opposite the same one including the Photo Self Service where the visitor climbs by stairs and you can make a photo hanged.

General view

Penitence Station, Saloon and shooting gallery


Entrance to Fort Frenzee

Stage stands

Shooting gallery

Main Street of Far West

Photo Self Service


Penitence Station

General view



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Nice work on this western town! It looks like a fun place to have in a theme park and you've put a lot of detail in it!
This week I have not progress so I made a video of the Far West area in PortAventura. You can see the builings and Stampida

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PortAventura is probably my most favourite park in the world, this has made my day. @Alfatm, you are doing a fantastic job with such an accurate recreation of this amazing park. I will certainly be following this project until completion, good luck! [happy]
This week I have not been able to make much progress, I hope that from tomorrow and can advance in the construction. I leave you with some new comparative images of recreation vs reality.

Penitence Station and Photo wanted


Fort Frenzee

Terrace area and 4th de July's shop

Chilly Willy's with silver river flume's track and hurakan cóndor

Today, the Iron Horse, Emma's House, Silver River Flume Station and the most famous bridge in PortAventura are built.

I invite you to put google maps and compare aerial images of reality and recreation (,1.1552299,81a,35y,36.61h,51.93t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x545aab951bd2a8d0!8m2!3d41.0878286!4d1.1572475)

General view of PortAventura

News today

Silver River Flume entrance

Silver River Flume Station (sight from the bridge)

Silver River Flume Station (sight from the queue)

The Iron Horse

The Iron Horse and Silver River Flume entrance

Emma's House

FarWest bridge

We are going with a new update of the low zone of China. "Waitan Port" and control of boats by radio control are built. It also installs the entrance gate to China and makes the long climb way full of trees and bamboo leading to the entrance to China. Temple Magic Jing-Chou is built. The attraction "Cobra Imperial" and "Tea Cups" are installed with all the theme in the area of queues and the roof that covers this last attraction. There is also the driving school with the main building and the shop that is close to the attraction.

General view

Waitan Port

Climb road leading to China

Gate giving access to China

Temple Magic Jing-Chou and Cobra imperial

Cobra Imperial entrance

Cobra Imperial exit and El diablo

Tea Cups

Driving School Building

School Building

View of the lower part of China from the wall

Wow this is one of the best creations of any park i have seen so far.
I know this park well , and i must say...I'm Impressed!
How many hours have you put into this masterpiece?
Wow this is one of the best creations of any park i have seen so far.
I know this park well , and i must say...I'm Impressed!
How many hours have you put into this masterpiece?
Thanks for the comment. Currently I played 200 hours in this park.

China is completed with the construction of the restaurant called "Sichuan", the "Lotus Palace", the restaurant called "Marco Polo" and the "Children's Area of ​​China"
In the children's area there is the slide that goes up and down, the balloons and two other attractions that have to do with the decorative elements due to their small size and maintain the proportions.
Once finished China, now it is the turn of "Grand Canyon Rapids".

General view of China

Sichuan restaurant

Sichuan restaurant (right), driving school (left) and Children's Area of ​​China (up)

Sichuan restaurant, Lotus Palace and Marco Polo restaurant

Lotus Palace

Marco Polo

Gateway to China

Entrance to the children's area of ​​china


Attraction made with decorative elements


View from Dragon Khan
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